Postcard writing, phone banking and door knocking efforts are ramping up. Please, when the call comes (or even before the call comes) try to devote a couple of hours each week to supporting our candidates with your time. To volunteer, reach out to Field Organizer Joe Morrison at


There is a possibility that big news will arrive from the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) on a couple of pertinent cases this week. One is the pending decision on Idaho’s total abortion ban. Idaho’s current ban clearly conflicts with the federal government’s Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) that requires hospitals to stabilize patients whose lives are threatened. A case in point is obstetric hemorrhage which is life threatening. Lower courts agreed, but Idaho Atty. General Raul Labrador thinks women’s lives are not threatened by obstetric hemorrhage. Hemorrhage can be stopped by cervical dilatation and uterine curettage, also known as a D&C procedure. To conservatives, this procedure is misconstrued as an abortion. Make no mistake, if SCOTUS upholds the Idaho ban, it will have severe consequences for Idaho women.

We may also learn if SCOTUS has conjured up a ruling to give Trump “immunity” from prosecution for his actions on January 6th, 2021, while serving as a lame duck president. Many believe this case should never have been taken up by SCOTUS, including commentators who say SCOTUS has been slow walking their decision to aid Trump’s efforts to avoid prosecution before the general election.

GOP Infighting

A deeply divided Idaho Republican Party holds its statewide annual convention at the Coeur d’Alene Resort this week. In the May Primary, their Senate Leader lost his re-election bid to an Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) endorsed “newcomer with no legislative experience. According to ProPublica, 23% of the candidates least favored by the IFF lost, and 30% of their most favored candidates lost as well.”

To reclaim their party from the far-right extremists controlling the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee, the insurgent North Idaho Republicans (NIR) spent over $100,000 in the primary election to elect moderate precinct captains. Unfortunately, their efforts to reclaim majority control came up seven seats short. So, we have at least two more years of Brent Regan’s leadership to endure. One R friend told me Brent Regan has frozen out the NIR from any meaningful role in the Convention, no delegates, no committee positions, no nothing. “They’re not fighting the Dems; they’re fighting their own party.”

Library Bounty Bill

On July 1st the House Bill 710 goes into effect. This bill requires Idaho public and school libraries to move materials meeting conservative interpretations of being harmful to children, or face lawsuits. It poses a significant threat to Community Library Network libraries. It endangers the essential resources and safe spaces they provide for our communities. Already we are seeing libraries across the state close their doors entirely and some are no longer allowing anyone under 18 to enter. 

In response, Idaho Democrats propose a day of action on July 1st to draw attention to this harmful development and show support for our librarians. We are developing plans and will let you know so you can take part.

Voter Guides

An often-heard request from Democrats is for a published voter guide. Most other states issue such a guide before each election to educate voters about candidates and ballot measures. Not so in Idaho, even though the Secretary of State has requested the funds to do so.

Here in Kootenai County, the Republicans issue a guide. Moreover, they are aggressive in distributing it outside almost every polling place. We as Democrats have considered doing the same. However, the cost of producing such a publication stands in our way. Therefore, unless we find a reliable funding source, we will have to pursue other options for educating voters.
Here is what we have in mind. We plan to have a full-page ad in the CDA Press ahead of the start of the early voting period. In addition, the ad will be replicated on our social media and website. It will include a list of our candidates with endorsements, and personal information.

At the same time, we must pressure the Legislature to fully fund production of a voter guide. When and if the Secretary of State publishes one, we must insist that our candidates are fairly represented.

Fourth of July Parade

And last, we look forward to marching in the Coeur d’Alene July 4th Parade. Details for the march are typically released by the Chamber of Commerce days ahead of time. But it’s pretty much the same from year to year. So, plan to assemble on 15th street just north of Sherman Avenue (or thereabouts) around 8:30 AM. The parade goes down Sherman Avenue and ends at the intersection of Government Way and Northwest Blvd. As usual, Kathy Judson’s donkeys will join our contingent of marchers once again.

Thanks for being a Democrat and have a super week.

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