Pride in the Park

To open the event, our very own Sarah Andrews sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.

Among the notable citizens in attendance was Mayor Jim Hammond who gave a statement of inclusion.

To the crowd’s delight, drag performer Eric Posey was in attendance. Posey recently won a $1.1 million civil suit against a right-wing blogger who had falsely accused him of indecent exposure at the 2022 Pride in the Park. Posey signed autographs, accepted handshakes and hugs, and posed with supporters for photos in front of a U-Haul van. The van was a duplicate of the one used by the Patriot Front terrorists who had plotted to disrupt Pride in the Park that same year.

Fortunately for all, this year’s event was a huge, joyous and safe success. Thankfully, the few hecklers who were in attendance were largely ignored.

As usual, the Democrats hosted a booth at the event. Thanks to Cathy and Laurie Kraus, Jan and Dan Studer, Brian Seguin, Julie Celeberti, Kristi Milan, Nancy Harper, and Shawn Keenan. They registered voters and introduced them to the local Democratic candidates who were in attendance: Paula Marano, Loree Peery, Tom Hearn, and Carissa Hober.

Businesses, both large and small exhibited, including Target, Kootenai Health, STCU, US Bank, Akina Systems, and Leaf Filter Gutter Protection. Keep these companies in mind for your shopping needs.

Nonprofit organizations were also in attendance including PFLAG, North Idaho United, Odyssey Youth Movement, and the Inland Northwest Business Alliance.

Religious organizations took part as well such as Unitarian-Universalists, St. Luke’s Episcopal, Calvary Lutheran, Community United Methodist, and Sacred Ground.

The presence of these organizations signifies inclusion and support for LGBTQ+ people. It also stands in sharp contrast to those groups and businesses that oppose and exclude the LGBTQ+ community.

The After Party

Council member Dan English is promoting a 6-week civic engagement series called The After Party. It is being held at the CDA Public Library. The kickoff event occurred on Saturday following Pride in the Park. According to Dan, “The goal of the series is to help interested community members to have better civic conversations, especially from different points of view in our faith and politics.”

Co-directing the event were Boise State University Social Work Professor Megan Dardis-Kunz, and Pastor Matt Erickson of Calvary Lutheran Church.

Dan said, “The whole point is to have civil discussion with folks of different viewpoints in a respectful way.” Let’s hope “The After Party” is the first step of many that take us in this direction.  

This series continues each week from 3-4:30 PM on Saturday afternoons in the library’s Community Room. Here’s hoping that this opportunity for dialogue is well attended.

Documentary Film Presentation

The Unitarians will screen the film “1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture” at the Harding Center on 15th Street on Sunday, June 23rd at 4:30 PM. This documentary explores how a single word in the Bible (1 Corinthians 6:9) contributes to anti-gay beliefs and behaviors among people who claim to be Christians. Admission is free.

Central Committee Reorganization

KCDCC held its bi-annual reorganization meeting last week. The newly elected officers are Committeeman: Adam Bennet, Committeewoman: Sarah Glenn, Treasurer: Paula Neils, Secretary: Carolyn Mattoon, Vice-Chair: Jan Studer, and Chair: Evan Koch. Thanks to all for serving.

Field Organizer Update

Our Field Organizer Joe Morrison sends this message to all of us.

“Hi. As the new field organizer for the Kootenai County Democrats, it is paramount that we build capacity within the party by utilizing a large network of volunteers. Akin to a snowflake or spider’s web, these volunteers will hopefully bring out others as well–ultimately creating a large base of people to draw from for various events. If you hear of anyone who might have an inkling of wanting to volunteer, send them my way. I can do the hard asking. The more volunteers we acquire, the easier it will be to win in November and to strengthen the party long-term.”

Joe can be reached at: or 208-699-1955.

Trump is being Prosecuted not Persecuted.

Come November “voters must reject a felon who enlists his party to wage war on the rule of law.”

Reactions to Donald Trump’s conviction, like the one above from Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post, came in fast.

Democrats with whom I spoke were happy because the justice system worked. But not for any other reason.

Elected Republicans, on the other hand, were decidedly unhappy.

Many, like Sen Mike Crapo, came out with statements of support for the convicted former President or criticism of the justice system that convicted him.

Rep Russ Fulcher has not issued a statement so far, but we should expect the same from him.

Crapo and others say that Joe Biden and the US Justice Department persecuted their man. He was not persecuted, he was prosecuted. And it was by the State of New York, not the federal government.

And they falsely believe that the NY District Attorney indicted Trump (it was a grand jury). They ignore Trump’s threats against witnesses and his personal attacks on court officials and their family members. And they ignore that it was the jury, not the judge, who convicted him.

But there is a reason to be optimistic. According to Five-Thirty-Eight’s Aggregate Polling Data, the margin of separation between Trump and Biden is around 1 percentage point. Moreover, post-verdict polling shows a slight shift toward Biden. Hopefully, if it continues to grow and holds this would be sign that people are finally seeing through Trumps persistent lies.

The lawyer Norm Eisen of the Brookings Institution recently said, “There can and should be a wholesale abandonment of the Republican Party by people who believe in democracy.”

So, please consider this an open invitation to every Kootenai County Democrat who registered as R thinking they could influence the GOP’s closed primary election. Come home to the KCDCC. Urge at least 10 friends to join you. Donate your dollars and or your time to our Central Committee and our candidates. And support the Open Primary Initiative when it appears on the November ballot (as I expect it will). Let’s win something.

Thank you in advance. And thanks for being Democrat.

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