Party Building

Thank you so much to all the individuals who ran to serve as precinct captains in the May 21Primary Election. You are the foundation of our political party, and you make the Central Committee work.

Regarding those precincts without captains, please know that we will fill these open spots with appointees in the coming weeks. If you live in such a precinct, please consider holding the position.

Regarding our Central Committee, I am happy to report that it is firing on almost all cylinders. We have good people running all the departments, with only one exception, fund raising. For that reason, I will be devoting myself to that task, making phone calls and asking for small monthly donations. It’s this type of donation that enables us to confidently predict our income and thereby make a budget that we can live up to. When the call comes, or even beforehand, please contribute what you can. Your contributions will improve our chances of electing Democrats this year.

Tribal Students Racially Harassed

Racism reared its ugly head yet again in Coeur d’Alene on Wednesday, May 29, 2024. The Press is reporting that a “group of middle-aged white males” harassed Tribal School students walking on a field trip near McEuen Park. A Tribal press release noted that one harasser yelled “Go back to the f–ing reservation, you aren’t allowed here.”

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to police this awful kind of misbehavior because most of the time it’s hidden from the view and reach of law enforcement. Yet, once again, this happened downtown in a highly trafficked area. So, someone must have witnessed it. The police are investigating and asking the public for assistance. If you see something, say something.

It’s long past time for the KCRCC to join the KCDCC, in condemning bigotry and vowing to expunge it from our town.

Celebrate Pride

And finally, Pride in the Park is this Saturday, June 1. If you can, please turn out to support our LGBTQ+ friends and loved ones. It’s important that we show our support and solidarity. The event takes place at City Park from 10 am to 3 pm. The KCDCC will have a booth there so drop in and say hi.

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