Campaign Season Starts Now

The Idaho Education Association (IEA) held a Candidate Forum last night. The IEA supports and advocates for elementary and secondary teachers, education support professionals, school administrators, as well as aspiring and retired educators from across the state. With the Primary Election and the in-person Caucus just a week away, I joined Democratic Candidates for Kootenai County at the event.

Candidates Dale Broadsword, Carissa Hober, Loree Peery, Paula Marano, and Tom Hearn all spoke well for themselves. They reiterated that Democrats offer staunch support for public education backing it up with their individual experiences. Their stories were persuasive, and well received by this public education-centered audience.

For those candidates who were unable to attend, I spoke for them. I stated that public education should not be a partisan issue. All children deserve the best public education we can provide and that includes the children of Republicans and Democrats.

Unfortunately, our opponents have made a point of politicizing public education by targeting teachers for imaginary crimes like pedophilia or indoctrination. In addition, they target marginalized youth who are grappling with their identities. While prioritizing these polarizing issues, the GOP continues to neglect critical issues like the growing need for physical plant maintenance which is necessary to keep our schools safe, secure and looking their best.

I reminded them that Democrats are not responsible for any of this mayhem. Nor are we involved in the repeated efforts to further defund schools using vouchers.

Finally, I told them that our candidates reject the GOP’s failed policies and represent rising enthusiasm to demand change among Democrats and other Idahoans. I told them that although our candidates are running unopposed in the Primary, they will be facing fierce GOP competition in November. The point being that their campaigns start now.

Therefore, I urged them to enthusiastically support these candidates by volunteering or contributing money. And that request goes for all of you as well. It is the only way we can make it possible to see Democrats elected in November.

For an introduction to your candidates, please attend the Forward Together Campaign Kick Off on May 29 from 6-9 PM at the CDA Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks for being a Democrat.

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