Don’t Miss these Key Events

May 21st is the Idaho State Primary. Then, on May 23rd, the Idaho Democrats will hold our Presidential Caucus. By now all Democrats should be ready for these two events. However, if you are not, please visit our Election Info, Caucus, or Facebook pages to find all you need to know to vote in these elections.

Forward Together

During the week following these elections, IDP Executive Director Jared DeLoof will be in town. He will join forces with Democratic candidates to lead door knocking and other campaign related activities.

This will lead up to a candidate launch party on May 29. We are calling this launch party “Forward Together” because only by working together can we ever hope to overcome the MAGA faction that’s ruining our county.

So, come meet and greet the great Democratic Candidates who are stepping up to challenge Kootenai County’s GOP incumbents.

“Forward Together” takes place at the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce on 1st Street and Sherman Avenue from 6-9 PM. 

Precinct Committee Positions Available

You could be forgiven for not knowing what a precinct committeeperson does. This critical position, also known as precinct captain, functions at the voting precinct level to organize, and motivate left leaning and independent voters to turn out and vote for Democrats.

A voting precinct is the smallest geographic unit in politics and each precinct needs a captain. Unfortunately, finding people to serve in these positions can be challenging. However, without them, we cannot run a functioning Central Committee. This issue almost cost us control in 2022. You may recall that due to an excessive number of vacancies on our Committee, some Kootenai Republicans saw an opportunity for a takeover. As a result, they ran precinct captain candidates as pseudo-Democrats to fill our vacant positions. Had they succeeded, this would have been a big embarrassment for us and a pure disaster for our central committee. Fortunately, dozens of Democrats stepped forward and this crisis was averted.

Unfortunately, we are once again seeing slippage in our numbers. This attrition is the result of retirements as well as the decision by some to move on to other positions. 

So, if we call you, and ask you to volunteer, please consider serving as committee person for your precinct. This important job may not bring great riches, but it is important, and it does give you a voice on our county central committee. It is also a steppingstone for advancement within the Democratic Party.

Office Space Needed

And finally, we are looking for a workspace to serve as our headquarters for the summer and fall election season. The facilities must be wheelchair accessible, and must have restrooms, available parking, and preferably accessible internet service. If you know of an available location, please let us know. 

Have a terrific week everyone.

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