Democrats are Surging.

It goes without saying that the recent incident of harassment of NCAA women athletes plus the arrest of a potential terrorist in our midst, is casting our area in a shameful light. Yet, despite these setbacks there is also a reason for optimism. Consider this, we have a candidate running in every legislative district statewide. No longer can unqualified candidates slide into office simply by putting “R” behind their name. Now they must fundraise, campaign, and attend public political events. For our part, we must do everything possible to help our candidates contend for their respective seats in the legislature. For that reason, I am asking you to make a monthly contribution, of whatever size, to the candidate of your choice or to the KCDCC. All our efforts are geared to supporting our candidates. Go to ActBlue and search for your candidates or contribute to the Kootenai County Democrats. Thanks.

Local Organizing

Part of candidate support is hiring a Field Organizer for the summer. I am excited to let you know that we have someone lined up for this position. I will introduce them to you in an upcoming message. So, stand by. You won’t be disappointed.

Reasons for Optimism

With the constant flood of distortions and outright lies coming from right-wing media, it can be easy to feel despondent. That is why it feels so good to read the Hopium Chronicles by Simon Rosenberg. “Hopium is a rejection of the darkness they are trying to spread.” Rosenberg is a DNC Consultant. He provides well researched and upbeat reasons for optimism. Here are some of his recent Posts, Analyses, and Op-Eds to raise your spirits. 

You can read Rosenberg’s writings on Substack.

Upcoming Events

April 19th is the Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Breakfast. This month’s Upbeat Breakfast focuses on celebrating 2024 regional student scholarship recipients. The Kootenai Democrats contributed $1000 to fund a scholarship for this event. For more information, go to the Chamber website or reach out to Paula Marano.

April 20th is Earth Day. In celebration of this event, the Democrats will host a booth on the grounds behind the Coeur d’Alene Library. Stop by and say “Hello” any time during the event.

April 28th is Worker’s Memorial Day at the Coeur d’Alene City Park. Union workers along with their families, friends, and allies will gather at noon at the North Idaho Worker’s Memorial across from Memorial Field to remember their brothers and sisters who died on the job during the previous year. This is an extraordinarily beautiful event. This year’s memorial will be extra special because there will be an inauguration of a memorial sponsorship tile naming the Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee.

Have a terrific week everyone.

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