Last Legislative Push

We are near the end of the 2024 Idaho Legislative Session. However, a few remaining bills are still being considered this week. Fortunately, Representative Chris Mathias has been keeping us up to date with his weekly social media posts on what we need to do to support Democratic efforts. Here are some bills that need your immediate attention.

H0421 and H0538 specifically target the LGBTQIA community.

H0421 ignores medical evidence that gender is a spectrum by limiting a person’s sex to either male or female as determined at birth. This bill is a departure from established scientific language and would have countless harmful implications.

H0538 would legislate that government employees have no obligation to respect or use a person’s preferred pronouns.

H0599 claims to be about ballot harvesting which is not a wide scale issue in Idaho. This bill makes it illegal for you to collect and drop off an absentee ballot for a friend or loved one. Consequently, this bill makes it harder for the elderly or infirm to vote.

Please take a moment and contact your legislator to OPPOSE H0421, H0 538, and H0599.

S0135 is a Senate Concurrent Resolution drafted by Rep Mathias that calls for eradicating conditions that lead to racial animus. Mathias stepped up to do this challenge in response to the outrageous racist intimidation of NCAA athletes in Coeur d’Alene while they were participating in the NCAA Women’s Basketball regionals in Spokane. The Resolution was approved by the Senate, minus the vote of Sen Phil Hart. It is now up for House approval this week. This is a no-brainer that our Representatives should all be urged to vote in favor of. Please urge your legislators to SUPPORT S0135.

S1377 is an effort to make citizen led ballot initiatives like the Open Primary Ballot Initiative harder to conduct. S1377 is dangerous and unconstitutional, and it clearly indicates that our efforts to use the ballot initiative process threatens the goals of the extremists in our state. Please contact Governor Little TODAY to urge him to VETO S1377.

State Primary

Voting season has begun. So, plan to Vote in the May 21 State Primary. You can find your voter registration status, confirm your voting location, and request an absentee ballot at In addition to showing your support for our slate of Democrats on the Primary ballot, you will also be voting to elect your precinct captain. So, please vote.

Idaho Democratic Party Presidential Caucus

Also, please prepare to join us at the Idaho State Democratic Party Presidential Caucus on May 23. To caucus in Kootenai County, you must show up between 4 and 7 PM at the Fair Grounds located at 4056 N Government Way in Coeur d’Alene. Remember, this political gathering is your only chance to voice your Democratic Presidential preference for Idaho’s General Election. It is also a great way to meet other committed Democrats. And finally, the caucus is the means we use to select delegates to the Idaho Democratic Convention in June. So please attend.

Consider becoming an official DELEGATE. Delegates determine the state party platform and resolutions. In addition, they elect the delegates that will represent Idaho at this summer’s DNC National Convention in Chicago.

Idaho Democratic Party Convention

North Idaho Democrats did a lot of heavy persuading to bring the Party’s annual convention north from its usual location in Boise. Usually, as northerners, we travel the greatest distance to attend the convention. However, this year the party is meeting us more than halfway by holding the convention in Moscow. It would be so great if we could show the Party that meeting in North Idaho was not a wasted effort. So, show your support by attending the convention for a day or two during the weekend of June 21-23. You won’t be disappointed.

GOP Discord

And finally, relax and enjoy the competition among our opponents. Between now and the May 21st Primary Election, we can just sit back and watch as GOP candidates beat up on each other. Their Central Committee is hotly contested this year, an indication that the beginning of the end of the reign of the MAGA Extremists may be upon us. 

Have a super week. 

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