There are Reasons to be Upbeat.

Trump faces financial headwinds.

First, it is being reported that Donald Trump is struggling to find financing for the $454 million bond in his civil fraud case. His lawyers say he has not been able to find anyone willing to underwrite his debt. If he fails to produce a bond his properties could be subject to possible liquidation.

Trump’s Former VP Declines to Endorse Him

In other news, former Vice President Mike Pence joined a long list of former Trump White House officials in refusing to endorse the former president. Like them, he knows that Trump is not fit for office.

Idaho Democrats are Moving Forward


I am happy to report that the Frank & Bethine Church Gala weekend in Boise raised over $315,000. This is way more money than anyone had predicted. This money will go a long way toward helping elect Democrats in November.

Candidate Registration

But most importantly, I am excited and grateful that Democrats stepped-up all-over Idaho to run for office. This includes an unprecedented 87 Democrats stepping up to run for the state legislature. As a result, Idahoans will have real choices in November! Listed below are the candidates who have registered to run in Kootenai County:

  • State Senator, District 2: Tom Hearn.
  • State Senator, District 3: Brian Seguin
  • State Senator, District 4: Carissa Hober
  • State Senator, District 5: Adam Chapman
  • State Representative, District 2: Loree Peery
  • State Representative, District 3A: Dale Broadsword
  • State Representative, District 3B: Steve Bruno
  • State Representative, District 4A: Angela Chandler
  • State Representative, District 4B: Paula Marano
  • State Representative, District 5A: Kristy Reed Johnson
  • State Representative, District 5B: Teresa Borrenpohl

In addition, candidate Kaylee Peterson is running to replace Russ Fulcher as our Idaho District 1 US Representative. The Meidas Touch Network recently posted an interview with Kaylee which opens with some shocking footage of Fulcher. Please take a look: Republican’s Ties to DANGEROUS Organizations UNMASKED.

Please plan now to donate whatever you can to support our candidates. Find your candidate and make an offer. Please. These folks are making a very big commitment to us. The least we can do is support them. 

Caucus Update

Previously, I reported that the Idaho Democratic Presidential Caucus location for Kootenai County would be the Hayden Public Library. However, we are now expecting a greater turnout than the library can accommodate so we are seeking a larger venue. I will let you know once this new location is confirmed.  

GOP Infighting

And finally, if that’s not enough, the Kootenai County GOP is in disarray with two candidates running for precinct committeeman in nearly all 73 Republican precinct races. This will require them to spend precious campaign funds until the May primary is over.

So, things are looking up.

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