Frank and Bethine Church Gala

This past weekend I joined over 1000 other Democrats at the 30th Annual Frank & Bethine Church Gala in Boise. Unfortunately, the keynote speaker

Senator John Fetterman was unable to attend in person due to an unforeseen floor vote in the senate to keep the government open and funded. As a result, his keynote was prerecorded.

Gaza Resolution

Fetterman is a staunch supporter of Israel in the Gaza war. Consequently, his selection as keynote speaker was a cause for some dissent. This prompted the Idaho Young Democrats to introduce a resolution at the State Central Committee meeting calling for a cease fire in Gaza.

Democrats, some of them with tears in their eyes debated the resolution. The point of view of both sides were considered. Israel has a right to defend its security. However, the citizens of Gaza are innocent and deserve to live in safety as well. Moreover, they deserve a state of their own.

The debate was emotional but respectful. Furthermore, there was little disagreement over the committee’s position regarding this untenable situation.

Ultimately, the resolution was approved overwhelmingly. It kept the young Democrats on board, holding us all together. I could not help but recall the divide between Democrats over the war in Viet Nam. It was a beautiful thing to witness, and it made me proud to be a Democrat all over again.

Caucus Training

Another highlight of the weekend was the Caucus Training session. You may recall that Republicans in the Idaho Legislature mistakenly canceled our presidential primary last year. Consequently, each party was forced to hold a caucus to apportion electoral votes.

As a result, county leaders required training about conducting a convenient, safe, and accurate County Presidential Caucus. The Democratic caucus takes place on May 23rd. In Kootenai County, the caucus location is the Hayden Public Library. You can find details about the 2024 Presidential Nominating Process at the Idaho Democrats website. Additional details about our local caucus will be shared once they are finalized.

The idea of holding a caucus when President Biden is already confirmed as our national Democratic candidate, may seem unnecessary. However, the caucus is not only a chance to show our support for him. It also serves as a critical part of our party organizing effort. Plus, it serves as the mechanism for electing Kootenai County delegates to the Idaho Democratic Convention.

So, please plan to take part in our County Presidential Caucus. Only 7% of Idaho Republicans turned out for their caucus. Let’s see if we can beat that.

Idaho Democratic Convention

Speaking of the State Party Convention, I am happy to report that it will be held in Moscow over the June 22nd weekend. This is unusual because it’s normally held in Boise. Our county is allotted 41 voting delegates. These delegates will participate in selecting the group that travels to Chicago in August for the Democratic National Convention. This may include members of our delegation.

I hope to have a very large turnout from Kootenai County at the State Convention. Let’s let the IDP know that we are alive and active up here. A large turnout from the northern counties will go a long way toward convincing the IDP to make holding the convention in our end state an easier decision.

Candidate Announcement

In other news, Kootenai County Democrats will have a real choice regarding candidates this year. Congratulations to the following Dems who stepped up to run for office: Paula Marano, Loree Peery, Dale Broadsword, Stephen Bruno, Adam Chapman, Tom Hearn, Brian Seguin, and Kristy Reed-Johnson. You will hear a lot more about these folks in the coming months.

No need to hold your nose and vote for the least bad Republican. At least not this year.

Have a great week everyone.

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