Kaylee Peterson for Congress

Last week, my wife Loree and I hosted a house party fundraiser for Kaylee Peterson. About a dozen of our neighbors came over to hear her speak. Kaylee is an engaging speaker. She is running in Idaho District 1 against Russ Fulcher for the US Congress. Fulcher is a member of the party responsible for leading one of the ineptest congresses in recent history. He needs to go, and Kaylee is up for the job.

Regarding Kaylee, one of our neighbors alerted me to the following links for the petitions that she mentioned during her visit. I promised to share them with you. The links take you to petitions that you can sign: one encourages Senator Crapo to Expand the Child Tax Credit, the other urges Rep Fulcher to support End Hedge Fund Control of American Homes Act.

Run for Office

March 4 -15 is the window for registering to run for office in this year’s elections and I am pleased to announce that a number of Dems have already stepped forward. This news is heartening because it means that there will be races where you will have the choice to vote for a Democrat instead. Having Democrats on the ballot also means that R candidates cannot just skate into office unopposed. Instead, they must campaign which costs them time and money. When these Democrats announce their candidacy, please contribute what you can; your time and dollars will let them know that you believe in them, and that you thank them for running.

Join Our Central Committee

Also, we have about a dozen vacant precincts that need a captain. Precinct Captain is a keystone position in the party and every precinct needs one. As a precinct captain, you are an official member of our Central Committee. If you have a passion for politics and enjoy community organizing, consider holding this position in your precinct. Here is our Central Committee roster. If you do not know your precinct, you can look it up here. If you see a gap that you can fill, please contact Tom Sanner.

Support Fellow Dems

I am letting you know that our Democratic neighbors in Spokane County will host their annual Tom Foley Legacy Dinner on Saturday March 16th at the Mirabeau Hotel in Spokane Valley. I am going and would welcome you to join me. The featured speakers include Ken Martin-Chair of the Minnesota Farm-Labor Party; Maria Cantwell-Washington Senator, and April Sims-President of the Washington Labor Council. You can use the link above to purchase tickets. I will see you there.

CDA Chamber Offers Scholarships

And finally, don’t forget that the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce 2024 Scholarships are now open. As such, high school seniors at any of our public or private schools can apply for a financial grant. Scholarships of $1000 are awarded based on academic achievement, community involvement and future goals. Because the KCDCC is a member in good standing of the Chamber, children of our Central Committee members are eligible to apply.

Thanks much and have a super week.

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