Idaho Legislative Update

As you know by now, the 2024 Legislature is well underway, and the GOP has been busy putting forward a slew of bad bills. The Republican strategy is to offer up a ridiculous amount of insane legislation knowing that often their proposals will slip through. This strategy makes it critical to remain vigilant and to be vocal about how you feel about these amendments. You can find your legislators here.

Thankfully there are folks like Representative Chris Mathias who posts a Monday Morning Legislative Preview on his Facebook page to keep you informed. His summary is another way to find the critical bills to Oppose and Support.

Urge Your Representatives and Senators to Oppose These Bills 

H0421 codifies sex gender definitions that needlessly marginalize gender-fluid Idahoans.

H0415 allows concealed-carry in schools.

H0419 further restricts access to Medicaid. There is no good reason to restrict Medicaid expansion. It’s hard enough to qualify already.

Urge Your Representatives and Senators to Support These Bills

S1247 sponsored by Senator Melissa Wintrow provides for 24-hour holds for persons with major neurocognitive disorders experiencing an acute crisis.

H0399 authorizes the Board of Medicine to collect and review data and information concerning maternal mortality in Idaho.

H0423 establishes a Maternity Mortality Review Committee to collect and review data concerning maternal mortality in the state.

(Passing H0399 and H0423 are crucial to assessing the negative impact of Idaho’s extreme abortion restrictions.)

Fortunately, we are almost halfway through the legislative session. Thankfully, it ends in two months.

Democracy Dinner

Don’t forget to buy your tickets now for the Big Blue Democracy Dinner on February 17. We have lined up truly incredible auction items to bid on and two truly incredible speakers. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

NAACP Day of Unity

And finally, don’t miss the NAACP Day of Unity at the CDA Library. It also takes place on February 17 but at 2 pm. This event precedes our Democracy Dinner and features Congressional candidate Kaylee Peterson. It also offers a preview of Jess Piper, our keynote speaker.

Have a super week everyone.

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