The Legislature is in Session

You can help our legislators do the right things for Idaho by letting them know how you feel about their proposed legislation. Therefore, as legislation comes up, I will urge you to write to them. You will also find calls to action on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, and in periodic emails that we send to you. You can stay abreast of what the Idaho Legislature is up to by watching Idaho Reports on PBS.

You can look up email and phone number of your legislators and senators at I encourage you to add them to your contact list on your phone and computer so that it is convenient for you to write a short email stating your view on each bill. Although it is not always easy, please be civil.

Legislators may not respond to your emails or phone calls, but they do know it when you reach out to them. And it is particularly important to reach out.

To get you started, I ask you to urge your representatives to OPPOSE these heinous bills.

HB 384 requires libraries to establish an “Adults Only Section.” This bill is a revised version of a similar bill that Governor Little vetoed during the last legislative session. Adding to the financial burden is a provision that would permit bounty hunting citizens to sue libraries for non-compliance. This bill is ridiculous, wasteful, and provocative. Read an informative article about this bill at the Idaho Capital Sun.

HB 381 replaces the word “fetus” everywhere it appears in Idaho code with the phrase “pre-born child.” According to Sen. Melissa Wintrow, this bill is “right out of the play book of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). ADF is labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

According to Planned Parenthood, if passed, HB 381 “could create a pathway for further restricting reproductive rights of Idahoans including in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, some forms of birth control, and emergency contraception.” Read the full article about this sweeping bill that “would amend more than a dozen existing Idaho laws” at the Idaho Capital Sun.

HJR 1 is an effort to remove the Blaine Amendment from the Idaho Constitution. This amendment currently prohibits the legislature from allocating public funds to religious groups. Striking this amendment removes this restriction. This legislative change is part of an organized effort to undermine public education.

State of the State

On Monday, January 8, Governor Little gave his State of the State Address. You can read the full text at the Capital Sun. You can also watch our Democratic Minority Leaders respond to Governor Little’s address on this video produced by KTVB.

Big Blue Democracy Dinner

And finally, I invite you to secure your tickets for an unforgettable celebration of hope, progress, and Democratic values. This event takes place on Friday, February 17 and promises to be a terrific time that we can share as fellow Democrats.

Have a super week everyone and most of all, stay warm.

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