Confusion and Apathy are Their Goal

It should come as no surprise that the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee has invited MAGA disciple and mouthpiece Sebastian Gorka, to be the keynote speaker at their Lincoln Day Dinner. We are accustomed to the rhetorical style of Gorka, and it mirrors that of our KCRCC opponents. Their strategy was made clear by fellow MAGA member Steve Bannon. Bannon revealed their scheme in a 2018 confession when he said “The Democrats don’t matter, the real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit.” In other words, their strategy is to sow so much confusion that it make it nearly impossible for people to discern the truth.

An example of this tactic is the recent Opinion piece submitted to the CDA Press by Brent Regan, Chair of the KCRCC. His submission consists of a series of lies and distortions to confuse voters about the malignant intentions of the MAGA movement and their followers here in Kootenai County. The effort went so far as to accuse Democrats of a slow-motion assassination attempt against Donald Trump because the DOJ and independent state prosecutors had the audacity to investigate him for his many crimes. This smear campaign is nothing more than a dog whistle meant to summon a violent response from their followers.

This outrageous distortion demands a response. Consequently, we have submitted a letter of our own that refutes their lies and asserts the truth. You should expect to see it published shortly in the CDA Press. If not, it will be posted on our platforms.

Misinformation is the life blood of authoritarian regimes, and that is what the KCRCC communications strategy reflects. That is why we will continue to call them out for this.

Blue Wave Democracy Dinner

The Kootenai Democrats, on the other hand, have invited a political organizer to be our keynote speaker. Her name is Jess Piper. She is an educator, and the Executive Director of Blue Missouri, a statewide grassroots Democratic community organization. She also hosts a podcast called “Dirt Road Democrat.” 

Plan now to hear Jess at the Blue Wave Democracy Dinner on February 17th. Ticket sales will begin shortly.

Building Our Future

Also, I am pleased to report that the Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee has recruited and retained precinct captains for the vast majority of the 73 precincts in our county. Thanks for this accomplishment goes to Tom Sanner and his crew of Legislative District Chairs: Paula Marano and Brian Seguin. Maintaining a healthy Central Committee is the first step toward building a strong Democratic base. They are key to electing more Democrats in Idaho.

An Alternative to Canvassing

Finally, I know that many of you want to help with our grassroots efforts but prefer not to canvass door to door. That is why we are reorganizing our postcard writing group. Postcards are a very effective way to reach voters. Plus, it feels good to know that your efforts pay off without having to expose yourself to uncomfortable confrontations when door knocking.

Have a joyous week, and good luck with your holiday shopping.

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