Plan to Attend Our 2024 Democracy Dinner

I am pleased to announce to all Kootenai Democrats that our 2024 Democracy Dinner is scheduled for Saturday, February 17th, at the Best Western Resort Hotel. This annual event features delicious food, beverages, silent auction items, and music. I am also happy to announce that we will have a must-see keynote speaker. Her name is Jess Piper. She is the Executive Director of Blue Missouri, a statewide grassroots Democratic community organization.

Jess is a mother and grandmother, an English teacher, and a political organizer. She specializes in rural politics and organizing. She has a large online following based on listeners to her podcast “Dirt Road Democrat.”

You can find out more about Jess at or at You can also listen to Dirt Road Democrat wherever you access podcasts.

I will mention Jess and our Democracy Dinner plans, multiple times, in the coming weeks. But for now, make a point to add February 17th to your calendar and plan to attend the 2024 Democracy Dinner.

Political Organizing Relies on Donors

As a Democrat, you are likely also a National Public Radio listener and supporter. As you know, NPR relies on its members to support their day-to-day operations. Like NPR, the Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee relies on your regular sustaining contributions. Consequently, I invite you to set up a recurring donation on ActBlue. Do it today. Thanks.

Also, even if you tire of receiving their solicitations, please remember that Democratic candidates depend on small dollar donors like you to fund their campaigns. The fact is it takes significant resources to mount effective runs for political office. Moreover, a donation made early in the election cycle is far more impactful than money contributed at the end of the campaign. So please don’t wait until the last minute, go to ActBlue and commit a small recurring contribution to your favorite candidates today.

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