Buy Blue this Christmas!

With Christmas fast approaching, tis the season for gift giving. If you are looking for some unique gift ideas, you’ll find plenty of options at the IDP Buy Blue Holiday Auction. Plus, your purchases will help the Idaho Democratic Party. Better hurry up though, the auction closes December 3rd.

Plan to Participate in 2024

The 2024 election cycle will be very active and your KCDCC is already looking ahead. One unexpected hurdle will be planning and holding a presidential caucus on May 23. As you may recall, the Idaho Democratic Party decided to switch to primary elections to make it easier for our voters. However, during the 2023 Legislative Session, the Republicans passed a bill that effectively cancelled the March 2024 Primary election. Consequently, we have no choice but to hold a caucus. Consequently, we are taking steps to make our caucus as easy and simple for you as possible. There will be more info to share about the caucus in the coming months.

Since 2024 is a Presidential Election year, Idahoans will also have the chance to serve as delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The convention takes place in Chicago in August. Delegates are nominated at the caucus. So, give some thought to whether this is something you might be interested in. I will have more to share about this opportunity later.

Run for Something

And finally, we are actively recruiting candidates for local and statewide offices. It’s imperative that we give our voters viable Democrats to vote FOR. Democrats running effective campaigns force our Republican opposition to defend their policy positions and spend resources actively campaigning. Otherwise, they run unopposed, and voters have no options. If you have ever considered public service, please consider a run for office. There are elected positions at every level of government, from precinct captain to state senator. So, if the idea of political leadership is appealing to you, please email me, and we can set up a time to talk about it.

Have a super week everyone.


This morning, right after I submitted my Chair’s Message, a troubling report appeared in my email inbox from Idaho Kids Covered (IKC). The message regarded their 2023 report titled Idaho Maternal and Infant Health.

IKC is a statewide network of health care advocates and stakeholders working to assure affordable access to healthcare. They reported that Idaho’s infant and maternal death rates are rising drastically. For example, between 2019 and 2021, the infant mortality rate rose 18%, and the maternal death rate rose 121%. That’s eye-popping.

Their report stated that “almost every single health data metric included in their last report has continued in the wrong direction.”

One shocking statistic is the fact that Idaho ranks last among states in providing health coverage for pregnant and postpartum women. If you know anyone who relies on Medicaid in Idaho, you know it’s a struggle. To make matters worse, our state imposes stricter than average income eligibility requirements and time limits.

Another shameful truth is that Idaho disallows anyone from Medicaid who earns more than $34,307 a year. That is $2800/month before taxes for a family of three. Think about that for a minute.

Moreover, Idaho Medicaid cuts women off after 60 days postpartum. This is exceptionally bad given that 46 other states continue coverage for a full year.

All this is to say that when the US Supreme Court (USSC) reversed Roe v. Wade, it did more than deprive women of a Constitutional right they’ve held for 50 years. By removing the universal right to abortion, the USSC freed states like Idaho to further restrict women’s reproductive healthcare options. This puts women of childbearing age at far greater risk of morbidity and mortality.

As we enter this holiday season, keep those in mind who have less than you do and remember that it is the GOP’s failed leadership that contributes to their suffering.

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