We are Grateful.

For Democrats, who have grown accustomed to losing elections, last week’s results were encouraging. Rather than losing in a landslide, we went 5 and 0 in Coeur d’Alene, and watched the ill-conceived Open Space Initiative fail. More gratifying is that all our margins of victory were wide. Thus, the take home message is that Democrats will cross party lines to elect qualified conservative candidates such as Christie Wood, Dan Gookin, Heather Tenbrink, and Jimmy Mc Andrew. We are happy to report that there were also sufficient Republicans who did the same to support the sole Democrat, Dan English. Regarding the Open Space Initiative, the desire of the County Commissioners to conserve open space is laudable. However, think it through next time and ensure that it includes proper oversight, and sufficient funds to prevent misuse.

Looking Ahead

We are already preparing to make good on this year’s election victories. Campaigns for the 2024 primary and general election start now. We hope to give voters Democrats to vote for, but it takes people like you to step forward. Are you ready to run for something? If so, please let me know ASAP. The state party has people and resources to help you get started but we have no time to waste.

Happy Thanksgiving

And finally, I am happy to report that last week’s Thanksgiving Food Drive was an outstanding success. First, I would like to thank Laurie and Cathy Kraus for leading this effort. Thanks to them and our many generous contributors, the Kootenai Democrats collected over 2000 pounds of edibles and household items (including pet food). These supplies were delivered without fanfare to the Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls food banks. Thanks to these generous folks, many struggling families and their pets are now assured of a Happy Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday.


Here is an urgent request from the Community Library Network Alliance. The Alliance is working hard to prevent a total repeat of what happened to NIC from happening to our Community Library Network. The new board has made changes to the networks’ material selection policy that will restrict a librarians’ intellectual freedom to curate books for our community.  They are expected to approve these changes at their next board meeting. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 16th from 2-5:30pm at the Post Falls Library. Please attend the meeting if you can and bring someone with you if possible. We must not sit by in silence and let this new board destroy our public libraries unopposed.  Your presence matters.  Spread the word.  Support your local library and Librarians.

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