Spread the Word about Vote Vibe

We know that young voters are an immense source of power. With their unified involvement and support, they can change the course of our county, and our nation. That’s why we sponsored Vote Vibe. Vote Vibe is a free no host party. It takes place at the CDA Chamber of Commerce next Saturday, November 4th from 5-9 PM.

This 4-hour celebration features music mixed by local DJ Stephanie Bogue, along with food and beverages from Franklin’s Hoagies, plus childcare, a silent auction, swag bags, and more. Young voter who are new or infrequent participants in our elections are the target audience for Vote Vibe. In addition to the fun, this gathering offers them the chance to fill out voter registration forms and meet local candidates. The purpose is to engage and prep them for the November 7th election. 

So, tell your children and their friends to attend Vote Vibe next Saturday. Tell them that you share their concerns for good public schools, clean air and water, affordable housing, and more. Remind them that voting is the best way to enact change. If you are aged 18 to 45, this family friendly electrifying evening is for you. See you there.

Help Open Our Primary Elections to All Voters

The Open Primary Initiative is gaining momentum. If passed, this initiative will end Idaho’s closed primary system and create a non-partisan primary election, open to all voters regardless of party affiliation. If you have not signed the petition to qualify this crucial initiative for the 2024 ballot, go to the Idahoans for Open Primaries website. The website offers information about where petition volunteers are collecting signatures. The web page includes a contact form to connect you with a signature gatherer or signing location in your community! So, please spread the word about this initiative. In addition, emphasize that a signature gatherer must witness you signing your name on the petition.

This initiative is the best option we have for giving equal access to all voters in selecting the candidates who will appear on the general election ballot. If it passes, everyone will vote using an open primary ballot and the top four candidates will automatically advance to the general election regardless of political party. This open primary is key to rolling back the radical right wing power grab in Idaho.

Acknowledging the Turmoil in Israel

The situation in Israel and Gaza is on everyone’s mind. It is horrific what happened to innocent Israelis during the Hamas attacks. It is equally appalling to witness the horrific effects of the Israeli retaliation on the innocent Palestinians caught in the crossfire. Several Dems from my precinct contacted me to say they object to America’s unqualified support for Israel. I communicated their concerns to the White House. It seems to me there is more than enough blame to go around. As I see it, more mass killing won’t accomplish anything good. Solving this issue requires Israel and the Palestinians to reach a peace accord; one that acknowledges and protects the needs and aspirations of both sides. I read a quote recently by Sari Nusseibeh, a Palestinian academic. He said to a reporter: “No matter what, we will end up where we started, with the Palestinians and the Israelis living here together and needing to find a proper formula.”

Be sure to vote everyone. Have a peaceful week and take care of yourselves.

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