As Chair, this past week was a busy one for me.

Democratic National Committee

On Thursday, October 5, the Democratic National Committee’s 2023 Fall Meeting took place in St. Louis MO. Although I was not able to attend, I did cast my vote in absentia for a new Western States DNC Chair.

Stand Up to Hate and Prejudice

On Saturday, October 7, I attended the Annual Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations Banquet. The event was well attended and featured a keynote by Idaho U.S. Attorney Josh Hurwit. This local human rights organization has been standing up against hate and prejudice since 1981.

Celebrate Indigenous People

On Monday, October 9, Indigenous Peoples Day, I sent greetings on behalf of Democrats to Chief Allan and the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. It is important to acknowledge their historic legacy and stewardship of our shared home.

Help Young Voters Register

In addition, to help get out the vote, I worked with the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce to organize Vote Vibe. This public outreach effort takes place on Saturday, November 4. It is a voter registration drive aimed at registering young people to vote.

Support Candidates Who Work for the Public Good

I also contributed to Dan Gookin’s and Christie Wood’s campaigns for the Coeur d’Alene City Council. It may surprise you to hear this given that they are both registered Republicans and that I don’t live in Coeur d’Alene. However, they are good people who practice good governance. Therefore, given the alternatives, I hope you will support them as well.

Defend Our Library Network

As you know, our community libraries remain under assault. That is why I met with Theresa Birkett of the Community Library Network Alliance (CLNA). CLNA was formed by concerned citizens in support of our local library network. I am working to assist their efforts to save our libraries from GOP dysfunction.

You can keep an eye on the Community Library Network (CLN) Board of Trustees by attending the next CLN Board meeting. This public meeting occurs on Thursday, October 19 at 2pm at the Post Falls Library. You can find details about this meeting and future meeting dates at the CLN website.

Have Lunch with Democratic Leadership

You should know by now that Democratic Idaho Legislators plan to meet with fellow Dems at a luncheon on October 26 at Capone’s at the Pioneer Springs Golf Course. I have been busy this week helping to put the details of this event together. I hope you can attend.


And finally, and perhaps of greatest importance, I submitted my Absentee Ballot for the November 7 election. Speaking of the election, I hope you have set an intention and made plans for how you will vote. If you need information, go to our Election Info page for details.

Turn Back Republican Control and Disfunction

The radical Republicans who control Kootenai County government and North Idaho College mirror the “nihilistic radical politics” disseminated and amplified by Fox News and rightwing social media. In a recent article in Politico called ‘What Is Broken in American Politics Is the Republican Party’, emeritus scholar Norman Orenstein describes this echo chamber as a minority of unaccountable right-wing radicals running amok. Although he is referencing national politics, his observations accurately reflect the situation we face in Kootenai County. This coordinated disfunction is all about sowing division and confusion at the expense of responsible governance. This situation cries out for change and a key component of weakening the stranglehold the GOP has over state and local government is to ensure that the necessary signatures are gathered and submitted to get the Open Primaries Initiative on the 2024 ballot. If you have not already signed the petition, use the link above to find out how to add your signature.

A Reminder of Upcoming Events

Have a fantastic week everyone.

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