Regarding My Wednesday CDA Press Commentary

If you read the Coeur d’Alene Press, you may be used to seeing our Party views expressed on the Wednesday opinion page. If so, you will need to wait until after the November 7th election for the next column. This interruption is due to the CDA Press policy of suspending all political opinion pieces in the run up to elections. Our next column will appear November 8th.

In the meantime, everyone should consider springing for a CDA Press subscription. The price is very reasonable, and this local publication offers quality local news reporting which is rare in towns the size of Coeur d’Alene. For example, where else will you find regular reporting about the ongoing issues at North Idaho College and the West Bonner County School District. The Press is an Idaho Gem. Click Here to subscribe.

Regarding National Presidential Commentary

I am a regular reader of the New York Times and the Washington Post as well as other credible publications. In general, I find these publications quite exceptional. However, I have grown tired of stories that fixate on President Biden’s age and call in to question Vice-President Harris’ popularity.

Joe Biden demonstrates every day that he is a highly qualified and disciplined leader. He also proves he is fit for the job through his steady leadership and broad legislative victories. Furthermore, when considering President Biden’s age and fitness for office, keep in mind that his likely opponent, is just 3 years younger. More importantly, his likely challenger demonstrates daily that he is mentally and morally unfit for office.

As for Vice-president Harris, she demonstrates her qualifications through her advocacy for intelligent policies on border control and abortion rights. She has also effectively represented the Biden Administration regarding executive actions on vaccinations, the economy, child poverty, and infrastructure. In other words, she has been a loyal and effective Vice-President.

Journalists would be doing us all a favor if they would simply focus their attention on documenting the record and efficiency of these candidates with emphasis on showing how their policies and actions have affected the state of our union.  

For an alternative view of these mainstream news sources, consider subscribing to Hopium Chronicles by Simon Rosenberg. Rosenberg offers a nuanced and factual view of politics and will keep you abreast of the Democrats electoral chances going forward. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Regarding the November General Election

Also, voting information will be coming out soon. So, check our website, social media, and newsletter in the coming weeks for the details. As usual we will not be formally endorsing candidates for non-partisan positions. Instead, we will provide information about who is most qualified to represent and serve the public interest.

Thanks for being a Democrat. Have a fantastic week.

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