SHARED Values Can Bring Us Together

It may seem that most Idahoans are predominantly conservative, and solidly Red. Yet when their values are tested, they often reveal their true colors.

A case in point. You may recall that parents in the West Bonner County School District have been working to recall two extremists on their school board. The reason for the backlash was that their public schools had been taken over by a truly conservative and radical majority of Republicans who were not listening to their constituents.

For example, the GOP led board hired Idaho Freedom Foundation lackey Brandon Durst as Supervisor. Once hired, Durst made drastic staff cuts and other controversial moves that were not supported by most West Bonner stake holders. To make matters worse, he approved hiring the wife of David Reilly. Reilly is a known anti-Semite, and conservative agitator.

Given these outrageous actions, concerned parents mobilized. They formed a non-partisan group that gathered signatures to authorize a recall election in August. And, as a result, voters resoundingly ousted Chair Keith Rutledge and Vice Chair Susan Brown—the two radical right-wing school board members. With their ouster, the remaining trustees are expected to fire Durst and hire a suitable replacement.

In other words, when Idahoan’s real values are challenged, moderate Republicans, along with most Independents, and Democrats can find common cause.

Protecting Out Community Library Network

Another case in point is the radically conservative trustees now controlling our county’s public library network. This newly conservative board threatens to shut the doors to our community libraries on Sundays. They are also considering turning down approved funding. Furthermore, based on vocal pressure from a minority group of conservative activists, they are openly threatening to discriminate against LGBTQ+ library patrons by removing books and other content which covers LGBTQ+ related topics.

Is this what we want from our Community Library Network? A group calling itself the Community Library Network Alliance wants to know. This newly created association is seeking to ensure that our library trustees work honestly and efficiently as stewards of our community held public trust. They are seeking input from community members to understand and assess our shared values.

Find out more by visiting the CLNA website.

And Finally

I will be taking a brief vacation. While I am away, my weekly column will be covered by other Kootenai County Dems. So, please keep reading. You won’t be disappointed.

See you in a couple of weeks.

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