Keep An Eye on Our Community Library Board

If you benefit from our Community Library Network, keep in mind that incumbent CLN candidates Judi Meyer and Regina McCrea lost their seats in the May election. As a result, there are now two unqualified individuals serving on the board who lack any expertise in library management. These conservative activists both ran on a promise to remove any books they deem obscene. Given their political agenda, going forward it is crucial that concerned citizens closely follow their actions as board members. Therefore, please plan to attend CLN Board meetings whenever possible. The next one is on July 20th at 9AM in the Harrison Library. Kootenai County Library patrons will thank you.

View the CLN meeting schedule.

Focusing on NIC’s Future

I know that we all care deeply about the status of North Idaho College. That is why the chaos brought on by the conservative members of the NIC Board of Trustees has been so stressful to witness. Fortunately, the decision is now in the hands of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. It recently held a hearing on June 20-23 to determine the fate of North Idaho College’s accreditation. The Commission plans to make their determination and share the results with NIC in the next 30 days. If you wish to keep up to date with this result, you can find information pertaining to the college’s accreditation status and other board related issues on the NIC website.

Respect Women’s Freedom

June 24, 2023, was the first anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs Decision overturning the constitutionally protected right to abortion in the United States of America. This decision, determined by five conservative justices, gave states the power to set their own restrictions and policies on abortion. In Idaho, the Legislature quickly passed a law banning abortions after six weeks of gestation. This law, modeled on the Texas Fetal Heartbeat Law is one of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws imaginable. In addition to severely restricting abortion, it allows the paternal family of the fetus to sue any medical professional who assists with an abortion. As a result of this legal threat, certain Idaho physicians and hospitals are abandoning obstetric care.

Obstetrics is the branch of medicine and surgery concerned with childbirth and the care of women giving birth. Therefore, without local access to these healthcare services, women living in communities such as Bonners Ferry must travel outside the county to see an obstetrician. The bottom line is that this restriction to abortion is robbing Idaho women of the freedom to make their own healthcare choices. Keep this thought in mind as you approach Independence Day, and vow to help young women in need of care. One option is contributing to Planned Parenthood. Another is telling your elected officials that you support a woman’s right to choose.

July 4th American Heroes Parade

And finally, this is my last reminder to join the Dems at the 2023 Independence Day Parade. This year’s theme is “Vintage America: The Magic of Our Youth.” So, let’s honor the Kootenai County of yesteryear, by setting aside the politics that divide us and coming together to celebrate what is great about our county and our country. Watch our website and our social media for specific instructions on where and when to meet up on the morning of July 4th.

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