A Proud Legacy of Political and Social Action

One thing that sets Democrats apart is our dedication to progressive acts of social support. Congressman Jamie Raskin emphasized this point when he met with the Dem Club last September. He pointed out that Democrats are responsible for every political and social reform enacted over past decades. These reforms tackled problems caused by industrialization and urbanization. They also harnessed the power of the federal government to regulate business practices and improve the lives of workers, consumers, and students. This progressive era was also responsible for restoring and protecting our natural environment and public lands.

This legacy of social solidarity is present here in Kootenai County. For example, we reliably support our public schools, defend human rights, back social and community causes, and contribute to help the disadvantaged. Currently, we are raising funds in support of the Post Falls Veteran’s Home. It is thanks to people like you, Proud Democrats, that we have almost met our $2500 goal. If you have not contributed yet, you can still participate. Working together, we can meet our target before the deadline of July 4th. To donate, go to Idaho Veterans’ Home Sponsorship Project 2023. Thanks.

Building Coalitions for Change

Recent letters to the Coeur d’Alene Press are making the point that “we are a diverse community – not just made up of extremists.” The point these letter writers are making is that the extreme views of the KCGOP do not represent the majority who live here. Unfortunately, it is the extreme voices that are often the loudest and they are not shy about sharing their views.

Yet, there is a broad number of Kootenai County citizens representing all political stripes who do not share these radical beliefs. Moreover, this coalition of voters often aligns with our values. For example, it was a diverse federation of voters that helped win the Yes for Schools campaign in the May Election. Other areas of commonality are our shared concerns for clean water, and good government. Consequently, as Democrats, we need to look for opportunities to collaborate with these allies when our values align. That is how we begin to heal the divisiveness fomented by the extremists and start restoring moderation to local government.

Do not Forget About Our Summer Social

Please save the evening of July 29 and plan to attend the Big Blue Huckleberry BBQ. As mentioned last week, this public event takes place at The Estate at Elk Point. This event venue overlooks the Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course with stunning views of Tubbs Hill and our beloved lake. Among other things, you can expect there to be live music, a photo booth, an auction, and excellent food. So, I hope you will all be there. Watch for details on our social media, website, and newsletter. I look forward to seeing you there.

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