First Things First

On behalf of the Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee, I would like to welcome Fred Cornforth to the Idaho Democratic Party. Last Saturday, at the Frank and Bethine Church Gala, Fred was easily elected the new State Party Chair. Fred brings a wealth of experience in corporate leadership to the IDP. His firm, Community Development Inc, has successfully developed over 100 affordable housing projects including 40 in Idaho. Fred is also a former minister and published author. You may have heard of his book, KNOWING: AN AGNOSTIC’S JOURNEY ON THE WAY TO SPIRITUAL CLARITY. Please join me in wishing Fred the best in his new job as IDP Chair.

Proposed 2nd Amendment Ordinance

Now the bad news. Local Republicans asked the Kootenai County Commissioners to enact an ordinance that would declare federal gun safety laws unconstitutional and prohibit the sheriff from enforcing them. This proposed ordinance is part of a national conservative initiative that encourages counties to declare themselves second amendment sanctuaries. The purpose of this campaign is to empower local officials to refuse to enforce gun-control laws. In response, the KCDCC sent a message to the commissioners reminding them that they have no legal jurisdiction to pass such an ordinance. If allowed, the decree would likely prompt a costly lawsuit that would burden the county taxpayers with unnecessary legal fees and penalties.

School Levy Update

Last week, I confirmed that voters approved a 2-year continuation of the supplemental school levies in Kootenai, Coeur d’Alene, and Lakeland School Districts. Unfortunately, the levy election for Post Falls failed. Consequently, this levy renewal will be on the ballot again on May 18. Therefore, plan to reach out to your friends and neighbors in the Post Falls School district to help get this passed. The original vote failed by 40 votes, so this is within reach if we can engage our voters. Remind them that the levy funds will be used to update curricular materials and refresh technology. In addition, they will help to maintain current educational opportunities and programs such as school safety and student health services.

In Other News

At this point, the Governor has yet to weigh in on SB 1110. This bill attempts to add additional hurdles to an already restrictive ballot initiative process. There is still time to tell Governor Little to VETO SB 1110, so take a minute and Let the Governor Know that you do not support this legislation. As an alternative, sign Reclaim Idaho’s Petition.

And Finally

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone

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