First Things First

March 9 is the Kootenai County School Supplemental Levy Election. The reason we need supplemental levies in the first place is that Idaho chronically underfunds public schools. There is simply no other way to provide students with basic stuff like sports, arts, nurses, and security officers. This levy will not cost taxpayers a cent more than previous levies, and without it, drastic cuts will surely follow. Vote YES on the supplemental levy. Encourage your friends loved ones and neighbors to do the same. Early voting is now underway. Please plan to vote ASAP.

Our friend Tom Hearn laid out all the good reasons to support the levy. You can read Tom’s article in yesterday’s Cd’A Press or view it here, Op-Ed: Reasons to vote ‘yes’ on Cd’A levy.

Oppose SB1110

Please ask your state representatives to oppose SB1110, the effort to curtail grassroots citizen initiatives. If SB1110 passes, only large lavishly sponsored initiatives could afford to collect enough signatures to qualify. Former Idaho Attorney General Jim Jones called SB1110 “an unconstitutional restriction on the right of the people to control their government.” It must be defeated.

Mark Your Calendars

The 27th Annual Frank and Bethine Church Gala is on March 13th. Boise Mayor Lauren McClean, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and Washington Lt. Governor Denny Heck will all be there. The organizers promise much more than a live stream. “You’ll be able to move between tables on a virtual gala floor and meet up with old friends, network via webcam with other attendees one-on-one or in small groups and visit the silent auction.” Tickets range from $12- $1200, and there is no travel required to attend. Click here for more information.

Help Wanted

Would you be willing to do the book-keeping for the KCDCC? We need someone who can devote a couple hours each month to be our Treasurer. The job comes with a seat on the Executive Committee and a big pat on the back.

As always, we need Precinct Captains. Please volunteer now. It beats the blues. Contact Paula Marano at 208 664 3676. Leave a message if she does not answer. She will call you right back.

In Other News

I have been working with Jimi Louck and Kathy Judson of the Benewah County Democratic Central Committee to develop an alliance among Idaho’s northern most counties. We hope that an alliance will provide us with better turn out at our events, additional voting power on the IDP Executive Committee, and who knows, maybe even a fulltime field organizer to build the Democratic base. More on that later.

Have a great week and thanks for your continued support of the KCDCC.

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