Tell Senator Manchin to Support Build Back Better

At this time of year, we send cards and letters to share family updates and extend tidings of comfort and joy. However, this year, I suggest that you please take a moment to email a “Christmas Card” to Senator Joe Manchin. Urge him to consider the letter submitted to him by the United Mineworkers Union (UMU) and put the welfare of West Virginians ahead of personal politics. The UMU represents West Virginia Miners, and they support Biden’s BBB legislation. Tell Senator Manchin that West Virginia and Idaho have similar needs. Both states will benefit from the BBB legislation. For example, it supports early childhood education, reduces prescription drug prices, slows climate change, and boosts affordable housing. In addition, BBB strengthens the middle class, and it does NOT increase inflation or the deficit. In fact, economists predict that BBB will boost overall productivity in the economy. So please drop the Senator a line and let him know that Americans depend on him to get behind the President’s agenda. And while you are at it, please wish Senator Manchin a Merry Christmas!

2o22 Party ORganizing

With the year 2021 near an end, it is time to put our focus on 2022. Here is what Kootenai County Democrats can expect. First, it is another election year that includes races for statewide offices. Therefore, as the campaign season heats up, the Kootenai Democrats are taking steps to make an impact. For example, we plan to have a field organizer and two field-fellows to undertake and oversee grassroots activities. In addition to our resources, Lt Gubernatorial Candidate Terri Pickens-Manweiler plans to hire her own regional field organizer who will be based here. Moreover, we can expect added support from the campaigns of Gubernatorial Candidate Shelby Rognstad and Legislative Candidate Teresa Borrenpohl. With our combined resources, we expect to open an office and recruit local volunteers. One of our first objectives will be voter registration. Identifying and registering new progressive voters is the key to achieving a Democratic victory. If you can, please consider volunteering an hour a week in support of this initiative. With your help, we can save Idaho.

Is it Time for a Political Action Committee?

There are Idahoans of all political persuasions who are sick and tired of the radicals who prop up the Donald Trump/Idaho Freedom Foundation/Kootenai County Republican power structure. Yet to displace them, it will take concerted organizing and fundraising. Consequently, one of our members suggested forming a Political Action Committee to support Democratic candidates. PACs are separate and distinct from political parties and must register with the Federal Election Commission. PACs solicit their own dollars, pay their own costs, and make their own contributions. One advantage of a PAC is that it would allow non-affiliated contributors to support Democratic candidates while remaining outside our party structure.

This idea is still forming. Therefore, you may hear more about it in the coming weeks. If you are interested in such a project, please let me know. I would be happy to connect you with the individuals who are attempting to launch this initiative.

I wish you all the best. See you in 2022.

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