At this time of year, we traditionally count our accomplishments, and thank every Democrat who helped us. Throughout 2021 Democrats showed a ton of enthusiasm, despite the restrictions imposed on us by Covid 19. Your passion and devotion paid off and gave us much to be proud of. For example:


All the letters and opinion articles featured in area newspapers and online this year elevated our visibility and highlighted our progressive views within the county.

The Democrats’ Club enlisted a distinguished list of speakers which drew the attention and the admiration of Democrats all over Idaho.

We updated our website to make it more informative and reflective of our views and activities.

The updates to the website contributed to making our Facebook page more active than ever.

Party Building

The Kootenai Democrats hosted visiting statewide leaders from the Idaho Democratic Party on two occasions.

We drafted and implemented a Strategic Plan to help us to better understand and use our resources.

The Central Committee added new and younger personnel, including Precinct Captains, Legislative District Chairs, and Committee Chairs

The Kootenai Democrats teamed up with likeminded candidates and organizations to leverage our combined resources for the 2021 campaign. Thank you to: Citizens to Elect Qualified Experienced Candidates, the Civic Engagement Alliance, the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce, Democrats and Republicans Together, Indivisible North Idaho, Kootenai Health Physicians for Better Government, Kootenai County Fire and Rescue, Kootenai County Women’s March, North Idaho Central Labor Council, the Human Rights Education Institute, the Kootenai County Human Rights Task Force. And an even bigger thank you to all the wonderful people who ran for offices.

We funded a field organizer and two field fellows to oversee phone banking, voter registration, and candidate support. Their efforts turned out the voters needed to protect our school-levies and keep most extreme candidates off our school boards.


We turned out to support North Idaho College, the Kootenai County Libraries, and the Optional Forms of Government Study Commission.

Our Outreach Committee’s holiday food drive raised over $3000 and hundreds of pounds of food for area Food Banks.


And, thanks to your support, we exceeded our fundraising forecast by $15,000 this year.

The facts speak for themselves and there is much to be proud of. Return to this space next week for preview of our plans for 2022.

Have a momentous week.

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