Get Out the Vote for November 2

I send a BIG thank you to those of you who are donating hours each week to help with the Gem Project. This canvassing effort is the key to winning the November 2 election in Kootenai County and your efforts have a real and significant impact.

If you are still on the fence about participating in the Gem Project, please consider it. The process is easy and the people you contact are Likely-Democrats. In addition, there are surprises that can be very entertaining. For example, one person asked if our caller was the Sheriff. Were they hiding something? Another’s voice mail said they were the proud campaign manager for Senator Mary Souza (R-Coeur d’Alene). A wrong number for sure. How can you not enjoy this sort of experience?

So, if you have two hours to spare, call Conor Proulx at 425 445 4642. Say “Conor I want to help out.” Your efforts could make the difference in preserving the integrity of our City Council and County School Boards.

Support Non-Partisan Candidates

During every election, voters ask us which candidates we endorse. Given the number races and candidates on the ballot, this is a reasonable question. Normally, with respect to general elections, we support the Democrats. Yet, during off-year elections, our past practice has been to steadfastly remain silent. This reluctance to take a position on off-year elections is because they are meant to be nonpartisan.

However, this year is different. Consequently, we are taking a firm position on who to vote for in this election. The reason for this change in stance is a direct response to the GOP’s explicit interference in this election. In other words, the GOP has poisoned the well by cultivating and campaigning for a slate of utterly unqualified highly partisan candidates. Any thinking person can see that these people, if elected, would threaten the quality of life here.

This is not the first time we have witnessed this behavior from the GOP. In fact, they put these same tactics into practice when they succeeded in getting three partisan stooges (Todd Banducci, Michael Barnes, and Greg McKenzie) elected to the NIC Board of Trustees. The amateurish and hostile behavior of this contingent of blatantly partisan trustees, has fostered conflict and mistrust, threatened the colleges accreditation, and resulted in the recent firing of President MacLennan without cause. Consequently, we feel we have to say something.

Although we have not produced our own list of endorsements, we have curated lists of candidates that are qualified and non-partisan. Some of them are not Democrats. However, they all are known for adhering to Kootenai County values and are qualified for the jobs they seek. You can find Election Info and these endorsements on our website.

To summarize, taking a position in off-year elections is against our philosophy of respecting the purpose of conducting non-partisan races. The fact is that these administrative positions are best served by qualified candidates who can put politics aside in deference to serving the public good. Therefore, once the GOP stands down from their unrelenting efforts to infuse partisanship into every aspect of our public life, the Kootenai Democrats will revert to strict nonpartisanship. However, until then, we will oppose these efforts.

Ironically, the growing extremism of the GOP is driving away members of their own party. For those disaffected voters looking for a new political home, we are happy to welcome you into our big tent.

A Word to Our Precinct Captains

A belated shout out to all of you. First, you fill the most vital role in our Central Committee. In fact, Precinct Captains are the essential link between the Central Committee and the voters. Therefore, your efforts are the essence of grassroots organizing and your impact is far greater than you may realize. The truth is that grassroots organizing is the only way to affect real change. So, thank you for all you do.

See you at…

  • The March for NIC President MacLennan, October 27 at 4 PM. October 27 at 3 PM. March and Rally at NIC Student Union Building. Speakers include Christie Wood, Michelle Lippert, and Shawn Keenan.
  • The KC Dems Annual Food Drive, November 12-13. Prepare a box of pre-packaged non-perishable food for our drive by food bank collections. CDA and Post Falls collection points will be announced soon.

Keep well everyone.

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