A BIG Thanks…

… to all who contributed to our recent funding appeals. Thanks to your generous donations, we raised well over $4000 to underwrite our field organizing efforts. This is a great start, but there is more to come.

Get Out the Vote

Also, speaking of organizing efforts, please comit to spending an hour or two doing virtual canvassing during the remaining 2 Tuesday nights before the November 2 election. We need everyone to help us phone and text bank to GET OUT THE VOTE. To participate, call Conor Proulx at 425 445 4642 and say, “Conor I want to help out.” Our City Council and our County School Boards really depend on it.

Democracy Summer 2021

If you did not catch the inspiring talk presented by US Congressman Jamie Raskin to the Democrat Club, do yourself the favor and check it out. It was remarkable that he was able to spend time with us. In response, we decided to explore underwriting two young Democrats to attend the Congressman’s Democracy Summer Program. The program is designed for high school and college aged students. Each summer participants from around the country gather to hear lectures about the history of democracy and learn about progressive activism. They experience first-hand how to engage in political organizing, and more. Enrolling two young Idaho activists to represent us will say more than a simple thank you. It will be a step toward building our bench of engaged Democrats.

The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost

The erratic and nonsensical actions of wingnuts like Lt Governor Janice McGeachin are giving moderate Republicans growing concern. They are beginning to see that the rightward shift in their party and the embrace of unqualified candidates like McGeachin are bad for Idaho. It is not just their extreme agenda that is causing them to worry. More concerning to many Republicans is the increasing amount of collateral damage these extremists are doing to Idaho’s image. In an article in the Idaho Statesman, Bob Kustra, a Republican and a former President of Boise State, said: “This really is about rescuing Idaho from a group of people who have given Idaho a very very bad name nationally.”

Keep in mind that the blame for the Republican Party’s drift toward extremism lays at the feet of the Idaho Freedom Foundation and its outsized influence over their party. The fact is that in today’s political environment, the IFF’s influence keeps mainstream Republicans from standing up to the extremists. Their trepidation stems from their fear of being labeled as insufficiently conservative. In other words, moderate GOP members know that the political cost of speaking out is high. If they don’t toe the line, they are likely to be primaried by a more radical candidate.

The remedy they suggest to these primary attacks is to call on Democrats to shore up their votes. They suggest that Democratic voters re-register as Republicans so they can vote in the GOPs closed primary elections. It is ironic that the extremists in the Republican Party closed their primary to prevent Democratic participation. Now, the moderates need Democrats to reregister to save them from the radical faction within their own ranks.

So how should Democrats respond when they ask us to switch parties? To have a significant impact on a Republican primary election, every Democrat in Idaho would have to change their party affiliation. That’s not likely to happen. And even if it did, a mass party-change by itself might not elect qualified candidates. Fred Cornforth IDP Chair posted on Facebook: “let the Republicans fix themselves. Stay a Democrat.”

Please Vote in the November 2 Election

To find out who the qualified candidates are read the Endorsements proffered by the CDA Press.

2022 Candidate for Lt Governor

Terri Pickens-Manweiler, an Idaho native and practicing attorney, announced her candidacy for Lt Governor. Ms. Manweiler visited the KCDCC Meeting last week and shared her view that it’s time for all Idahoans to put a stop to the extremist GOP efforts to destroy public schools and other public institutions. We were encouraged to learn that Ms. Manweiler plans to open a campaign office in Coeur d’Alene with a field organizer. This will surely benefit all of us. For more information about Terri and her campaign go to terriforidaho.com/.

Save the date

The October 27, MARCH FOR NIC PRESIDENT RICK MACCLENNAN, 4 PM at McEuen Park. Speakers will include Christie Wood, Michelle Lippert, and Shawn Keenan.

And finally, make a note to participate in our November 12-13 ANNUAL DRIVE-BY FOOD BANK COLLECTIONS. Just put together a box of non-perishable food items for the drive.

Keep well everyone.

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