COVID is a Real Bummer

It may come as no surprise, but people in general are suffering from widespread depression due to the unique pressures brought on by COVID and young adults are most affected. If you or someone you know needs help dealing with depression, this article in Psychology Today offers 5 Proven Ways to Relieve COVID Related Depression.

Political Action Fights the Blues

For me, political involvement staves off depression. Last night, I joined other Democrats for two-hours of phone banking. Phone banking is the most effective way to identify likely voters in Kootenai County. Actively engaging with like-minded individuals was very gratifying. The people I spoke with confirmed that their greatest concerns related to the GOP’s callous response to COVID 19 and their widespread efforts to suppress the vote. Consequently, they are very motivated to vote for Democrats in November.

You should really consider joining our phone banking team. Our Field Organizers are Conor Proulx, Kyler Cummins, and Sienna Hepworth. They are actively leading this effort and would welcome your participation. They are knowledgeable and will be there to guide you through the process. Use this link for details about signing up. You can also contact Conor at or call him at 425 445 4642 if you need additional assistance or clarification about the process.

The Dem Club Offers a Way Stay Connected and Engaged

The regular Friday meeting of the Democrats Club is another fine example of a potent antidepressant. Last week, we received a visit from US Representative Jamie Raskin. If you missed it, watch the recording of the meeting, it will lift your spirits. If you don’t have time to watch it, here is the gist of what he presented.

The Congressman met with us remotely from his home in Takoma Park, Maryland. Representative Raskin thanked us for being Democrats in a red state and reminded us that the Democrats are the party of democracy, Medicare, Social Security, labor relations, and fair labor standards. In other words, you can thank Democrats for all the civilizing movements of the last 1/2 century. In addition, he encouraged us, to be gentle with people who have fallen for the Republican lies. He assured us that these folks are not the source of the problem. Unfortunately, they are brainwashed and it’s difficult to deprogram them. Yet, he said, “We need them to save democracy.”

The congressman also reminded us that nationally, Democrats have the advantage over Republicans. That is why, they resort to partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression to maintain legislative control. It is also the reason Republican Presidents rarely win the popular vote and thus rely on the electoral college to secure their victories.

Therefore, we must continue to stand against them by offering common sense solutions that serve the public good. A recent example is President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda that is under negotiation in Congress. This landmark legislation will deliver historic investments in American families and communities. That is why Democrats are working to ensure that this legislation, along with the bi-partisan infrastructure package, receive the necessary votes to pass in the House and Senate so the President can sign them into law.

And Finally, Plan to March this Saturday

Don’t forget to attend the Women’s March this Saturday, October 2. The march for reproductive freedom takes place at Riverstone. The event starts at 11 AM. I hope to see you there.

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