The Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) is a Looming Threat

Launched in 2009, the IFF identifies itself as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that advocates for conservative ideas and limited government. Yet, it operates as one of the largest and most influential conservative Political Action Committees (PACs) in Idaho Politics. Among the many conservative PACs active in the state, they are the most visible and their influence extends beyond the far right. In addition, the IFF is known for drawing considerable contributions from outside sources. These undisclosed entities use IFF to influence the votes of accommodating politicians in the Idaho Legislature. By one estimate, the IFF effectively controls Idaho’s House of Representatives.

The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee is a local reflection of this statewide threat. With the help and influence of the IFF, the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee has assumed control of the North Idaho College Board of Trustees and used their partisan tactics to undermine the school’s accreditation and president. This November, they are targeting the Coeur d’Alene City Council, the Coeur d’Alene School District #271’s Board of Trustees, and every other elected office in Kootenai County.

There is Hope

During a recent statewide conference call, a speaker said various groups are coalescing around a shared desire to defeat the IFF and their slate of 2021 candidates. However, without concerted effort, this will remain only a hope.

Consequently, the Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee is calling for action.

First, help us finance a field organizer. A committed field organizer is necessary to educate & mobilize voters. The key is to prevent vulnerable voters from falling for the misleading messages disseminated by the radicals running the national and local Republican parties.

Second, be prepared to fight alongside all like-minded organizations to preserve Kootenai County’s democratic values.

To paraphrase my typing teacher, now is the time to come to the defense of your county. Consequently, if we allow the GOP to remain the loudest voice in the room, we will continue to see crazy legislation and unhinged leadership. As a result, our schools will suffer, our kids will leave the area for better opportunities elsewhere, employers will choose other states to build their businesses, and the Covid-19 pandemic will continue unabated.

We all want good government, but none of us can achieve it alone. Therefore, please join Democrats and disaffected Republicans to join hands with the Human Rights Consortium, Civic Engagement Alliance, Pride Alliance, League of Women Voters, Reclaim Idaho, Idaho 97%, and the Idaho Education Association and perhaps others I’m not thinking of, to GET OUT THE VOTE and protect Kootenai County from a frightening future!

What You Can Do Now

First, donate to the Kootenai Democrats. Any amount will help.

Second, adopt a candidate and join their campaign. There are candidates running for positions such as City Council and School Board Trustee throughout Kootenai County. See a list of declared candidates.

Three, participate in Idaho Voter Registration Week. During the week of September 20-26, volunteers will turn out to register Idahoans across the state to increase the number of votes for Democrats this November and beyond. A training class for the volunteers is scheduled for September 8 at 4 PM Pacific Time. Sign up here to participate. The training is offered online over Zoom. Use this link to join the meeting:

Fourth, attend the Central Committee meeting on Monday, September 13th. There are things for you to do so be prepared to volunteer. Another reason to attend is because it would be good to see you. Watch this space for the zoom link. I will provide it next week.

Five, attend the Kootenai County Optional Forms of Government Study Commission (KC Study Commission) meeting. See details below.

KC Study Commission Meeting

Also, plan to attend the KC Study Commission meeting on Wednesday, September 29. The purpose of this public meeting is to gather comments about the possible forms of government under consideration. So, start thinking now about how KC government makes your life better. Also, keep in mind how portions of KC life have been diminished by the partisan actions of the local GOP. The meeting is scheduled at 5:30PM at the County Administration Building. Let’s show them Democrats care about this place. You can bet our friends from the GOP will be there.

Finally, Happy Labor Day everyone and thanks for being a Democrat.

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