First things first. This past Saturday dozens of women cosigned a letter to the CDA Press supporting NIC Board Member Christie Wood, and calling for Board Chairman Todd Banducci to resign. You can read the letter at CDA Press. Please share it and write to the Press a similar letter of their own. In your letter, you might state whether you attended NIC and whether Banducci’s behavior discourages you from contributing to the NIC Foundation or sending your loved ones to NIC for an education. You might mention, if you dare, any similar behavior that men in supervisory roles have directed at you. And finally, Sign the Petition calling on Banducci to resign. The NIC Board meets today at 5 PM to consider this matter. The meeting is open to the public at By phone: 669-900-6833 / Meeting ID: 961 0354 2704.

And this week the US Senate opens its second impeachment trial of you-know-who. How do you feel about that? I know I watched the video evidence linking him to the rioting on Capitol Hill and was sickened by it. FYI here is a link to an Op Ed piece that lays out the “smoking gun” evidence for conviction. Contact Senators Crapo and Risch with your views today. They need to hear from us.

In other news: The March 9th school supplemental levy election approaches. Idaho schools are among the most poorly funded in the nation. Democrats urge you to support this levy. Get ready to vote at IdahoVotes.

And on a sweeter note, we enjoyed a break from normal business during our monthly meeting. Cheri Zao led us in the preparation of chocolate truffles. If you act quickly and donate $30 to the KCDCC, Cheri will bake for you a Chocolate Valentine’s Day Torte. And next month, Cheri promises a St. Patrick’s Day themed recipe. Hope to see you there.

Have a great week everyone.

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