On Monday five of us attended digital training for Precinct Captains. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t you already know how to be a digital Precinct Captain? Yes, but there are gaps in my knowledge, and continuing education is a good thing. Plus, I got to see other Precinct Captains, and interface with Peter and Cheri Zao. Cheri and Peter are the dynamic duo who are doing wonders to advance our digital operations. The trainees enjoyed the experience. Here is one typical reaction: “Thank you for your excellent training, Cheri. I look forward to future training and I will do my homework.”

I urge all Precinct Captains to attend the final two-hour session. It’s next Monday at 6 PM at the CDA Fire Station #3 at 1500 15th Street. For further details about the training, please contact Cheri at


If you’re like me, you are troubled by the ugly events unfolding in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Afghan civilians are suffering, and this suffering will continue for some time. Many people, including some folks in the media, find it easy to blame the Biden administration.

However, Jennifer Rubin, a brilliant commentator for the Washington Post and MSNBC, analyzed those reactions and exposed the misconceptions surrounding these fast-changing events in an opinion piece entitled A primer on false narratives about Afghanistan.

Ms. Rubin explains that the US did not abandon the Afghans, nor did the US fail to get people out. She shows why it’s false to say the Biden administration did not anticipate that chaos would follow withdrawal or that the Taliban would take over. Rubin debunks several other criticisms as well.

Finally, Rubin admonishes gullible news reporters, saying that when “former military or civilian leaders who never communicated the true state of affairs in Afghanistan for 20 years speak on the current situation, it behooves interviewers to ask: Did you lie, or did you not know the war was futile?”


The details are set for the 2021 SPAN “Break the Silence” 5k walk on September 11. Once again, the Kootenai Democrats stepped forward to sponsor this laudable event. We have Cathy Kraus to thank for coordinating our sponsorship and participation with the organizers at Suicide Prevention Action Network of North Idaho.

As many of you already know, Tommy Raskin took his own life just weeks before his father Congressman Jamie Raskin chaired the second impeachment prosecution of our disgraced former president. I wrote a condolence message to the Raskin family, and they responded. View an image of their response letter.

Have a momentous week everyone and thanks for being a Democrat.

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