Celebrating Our Independence

On Independence Day a bunch of us marched down Sherman Avenue to show people that Democrats are alive and well in Coeur d’Alene. Overall, we were very well received. Groups of viewers would see us coming down the block and as our banners and signs came into view, they would begin to smile and clap. One viewer called out “Thanks for maintaining reality!” It felt great!! Next year we are coming back with a greater presence: whistles, roller skaters, and loud music for dancing.

Central Committee Meeting

July 12th, the Central Committee meets in person for the first time in over a year. Deciding to meet publicly was not made lightly. Yet, after much debate, it seems like the right time to make this transition. Fortunately, the Kootenai County Commissioners are letting us use meeting space at the County Administration Building. This location is one we have used before. In addition, the County installed new webcast capabilities so we can continue to provide remote access over Zoom.

We believe in the value of open government. Even though the KCDCC is a private group, and not a government organization, we strive to adhere to this value. Therefore, we may even start sharing our meetings to the public on Facebook.

In Other News

We are also making plans to resume the Annual Democracy Dinner. As you know, this annual event was cancelled last year, So, we are excited to get it going again. There are no details yet. However, stay tuned. More information will be released in the coming weeks.

Have a fantastic week everyone, and thanks for being a Democrat.

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