Now that COVID is mostly behind us, here are some public events you should attend:

Central Committee Meeting

Next Monday, June 14, 2021, was intended to be our first in person Central Committee Meeting in over a year. Unfortunately, the county informed us that it is upgrading the HVAC in the County Administration building where we planned to meet. Therefore, the June meeting will take place at 6 PM on Zoom instead. Starting next month, July 2021, we plan to resume holding public meetings. For now, however, you will have to attend remotely from home.

Blue Comeback Party

Wednesday, June 16, 2021, is the date of the Blue Comeback Party, a catered fundraiser to help us hire a field organizer who can spearhead our grassroots organizing efforts. Enjoy crab cakes, salmon salad, kebabs, chocolate covered strawberries, and your favorite drinks together with some of Idaho’s leading Democrats. Help us to celebrate the lives and work of Jerry and Diane Shriner before they retire to New Mexico. Most importantly, get together with your Dem friends in person for a fun evening. Due to space limitations, we recommend that you RSVP to attend the Blue Comeback Party.

SPAN “Break the Silence” Walk

Looking ahead, the KC Dems will once again be a sponsor for SPAN of North Idaho’s “Break the Silence” 5K Walk. So, add this event to your calendar and plan to join us on September 11. We will share more information about our involvement in this event on our website in the coming weeks. For now, you can find event details at SPAN of North Idaho’s facebook page.

GunD’Alene; An Event to Avoid

From time to time, gun-toting would-be vigilantes rally in Coeur d’Alene. Echoing past Neo Nazi demonstrations, one such assembly took place last weekend. Its cringeworthy title was “GunD’Alene.” Going forward, I will try to alert you of these militia-flex assemblies ahead of time. If you are like me, you will wish to avoid downtown Coeur d’Alene during these events.

Conservatives Undermine Infrastructure Legislation

Many traditional conservatives are expressing displeasure with today’s Do-Nothing Republican Party. Groups like the “Coeur d’Alene Liberal Ladies” and the “Idaho Women for Biden/Harris” contain tens of thousands of them. The June 9, 2021, CDA Press contains a letter entitled “INFRASTRUCTURE: Impacts us all”. In the letter, regarding the current negotiations on Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, the writer complains that GOP leaders in Washington DC are doing what they do best which is nothing. Rather than working in good faith with Democrats to find fair and equitable funding sources for needed repairs and expansion, Mitch McConnel and the Republican Party would rather delay and distract. Instead, they choose to defend the interests of tax-avoiding corporations then force these companies to pay their share for infrastructure their businesses depend upon. In her words, she says “Better to let the super corporations and their lobbyists have a free ride so they can kick into the re-election campaign, right Mitch?”

Building Bridges with Moderate Allies

A friend of mine, who is a lifelong Republican, told me there is no longer a Republican Party. More importantly, what we use to know as the Republican Party will not be back. If you have lived here awhile, you know people who use to align with moderate forms of conservative orthodoxy. Today, however, these right of center conservatives have no home in the Trump Party. Now is the time to reach out to them. Although we do not align on everything, we do share core concerns about protecting the environment, supporting better public schools, expanding affordable healthcare, safeguarding human rights, and defending democratic governance. So, reach out to them. Remind them, in respectful terms, about our shared values and ask them if they are ready to back them up with their votes. That is how we change Idaho. It starts with dialogue and a commitment to find workable solutions to shared concerns.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and thanks for being a Democrat.


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