Mark Your Calendars for the Blue Comeback

Save the evening of June 16th for the Blue Comeback Party. This in-person event is a catered fundraiser to help us hire a field organizer. The person hired for this position will spearhead registering new voters and help us find and recruit new precinct captains. The gathering features some of Idaho’s leading Democrats, including Representative Ilana Rubel. As part of this event, we will celebrate the lives and work of Jerry and Diane Shriner. This dynamic couple is making plans to retire to New Mexico. Most importantly, the “Blue Comeback Party is a chance to enjoy each other’s company in-person for the first time since the pandemic started. Please note that attendance will be limited due to space considerations, so RSVP ASAP! I hope to see you there.

Help Change Idaho’s “Board of Directors”

Forty-one years ago, Frank Church lost his bid for re-election to the United States Senate. At the time, Church told the Twin Falls Times-News “The conservatives are now in power. That’s what they’ve wanted for a long time. Now we’ll see how the responsibility of power effects them.” For the past four decades we have witnessed the conservative takeover of Idaho government. Unfortunately, this 40-year consolidation of power has led to abuse. Here are two recent examples.

First, consider the actions of Representative Steve Vick. This 4-term Kootenai County conservative serves District 2. During the last legislative session, he introduced SB 1110, a bill effectively nullifying citizen driven ballot initiatives. This act by the GOP was a calculated response to the successful citizen led campaign in 2016 to expand Medicaid in Idaho. This successful effort to undermine citizen led initiatives proves they are not going to let it happen again.

Second, consider the recent partisan grandstanding of Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin. She was supposed to stand in for Governor Little while he was out of the state. Little had entrusted his position to her while he was in Tennessee for a meeting of Republican governors. Unfortunately, McGeachin used his absence to assert her radical agenda. In fact, as part of her announced plans to run for Governor against Little, she asserted her temporary administrative power to issue a state-wide executive order. This order banned local health administrators from setting mask mandates in schools and public buildings. Fortunately, this political stunt was called out and the order withdrawn when Little returned to Idaho.

These are just two examples of the many egregious self-serving actions employed by GOP radicals. More concerning is that since the rise of Trump, they seem emboldened to do whatever it takes to maintain their hold on power.

There is Cause for Hope

Today, long after Church’s defeat, it may seem as if things can never change. But that is not the case. In fact, there are more disaffected conservatives out there than we can count. They are our friends, neighbors and (yes) even our loved ones. And they are ripe for a concerted appeal from the Democrats to restore our democracy. So, if you think this cause is hopeless, think again. For with the right message and strategy, a committed group of motivated people can move mountains.

For example, consider the recent ExxonMobil shareholders’ meeting. A hedge fund that owned just .02 percent of the company’s stock initiated a proxy fight that led to the election of new board members. These new trustees forced the company to elevate sustainability over short-term profits. As a result, the world’s largest corporation, is now looking to shift away from fossil fuel production.

Currently, Idaho Democrats are in the minority. However, if we hold to our positions on the environment, healthcare, education, and human rights, the population will eventually catch up with us. We know this because our positions are progressive and widely popular to rising generations.
Our job is to launch a proxy battle. Force like-minded Idahoans into an alliance to change Idaho’s “board of directors.”

In the coming days and weeks, please help the KCDCC find ways to reach out to our conservative friends and loved ones. Together we can save our state from the conservatives who disrespect the responsibility that comes with power.

Hope to see you at the Blue Comeback. And Thanks for Being a Democrat.


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