Election Results Are In

First, some good news. Post Falls voters passed the Supplemental School Levy with 52.5% of the vote. In addition, county voters secured seats for two moderates on the Kootenai Health Board of Trustees. Incumbent Katie Brodie and candidate Robert M. McFarland both received the votes needed to win.
We can be relieved for the teachers and students whose extra-curricular activities will receive funding. We can also celebrate that county residents chose stable leadership at Kootenai Health.

However, the essential take away from the election is that we must start now and redouble our efforts to secure the fall election. There will be Coeur d’Alene City Council seats and the mayor’s office on the table. Moreover, the KCRCC has made it clear that they will spare nothing to overwhelm our city government with unqualified lackies who tow their partisan line.

The work starts now. To win in the fall, we need volunteers and money. Consequently, in the coming weeks we will ask you to contribute. When the call comes, please sign up for a job or at least be willing to write a check for whatever amount you can afford. Your time commitment and contributions will help us organize a comprehensive fall campaign.

Precinct Captains

Another way to help is to serve as a Precinct Captain. Precinct captains serve as a direct link between the County Central Committee and the voters in each precinct. There are 70 Precincts in Kootenai County. Ideally, we would have active Democratic Precinct Captains helping to organize and inform the voters in each one. Serving in these grassroots positions are a wonderful way to engage in the political process. It also helps us to identify like-minded individuals who may not be known to the party. Please let us know if this position appeals to you. We can help you determine if your precinct needs a captain or vice-captain. We can also put you in touch with others who are serving in this way. This is grassroots politics, and it is the only way to preserve the quality of life we all enjoy. Thank you in advance.

New CDC Guidelines Allow Mask-Free Public Gatherings

CDC Guidelines were recently updated to allow vaccinated people to resume meeting in person without masks. If you are not vaccinated, the CDC recommends that you continue to wear a mask until you are fully vaccinated. Either way, this is good news.

Regarding public gatherings, the Kootenai County Board of Commissioners offered to let us use the Administration Building for our Central Committee Meetings. The meeting room is equipped with streaming capability so we would still be able to offer remote access for those who prefer to watch from home. We have yet to accept this offer. However, we will announce our plans as soon as possible.

Mark Your Calendars for a Blue Comeback!

On June 16th, the Idaho Dems and the Kootenai Dems are planning a house party. This in person event takes place from 6-8 PM at the Home of Shari Williams. There will be featured speakers, good food and beverages. And best of all, there will be fellow Democrats all in one place at one time. Imagine that.

In National News

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, President Biden’s huge effort to revive the economy after a year of COVID-19 contraction, is well underway. It is helping millions of Americans survive the setbacks caused by the pandemic. ARPA 2021 is benefiting veterans, renters, homeowners, farmers, small business owners, and the unemployed. In addition, it is extending needed funds to local governments and educational institutions.

Thanks for being a Democrat.

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