First Things First

As I said last week, smart voters from both parties are uniting around their shared support for well-funded public schools. That is why they are coming together in support of the Post Falls Supplemental School Levy. It seems that everyone wants good public schools, except the cynics at the KCRCC.

Post Falls Supplemental Levy

Now more than ever, education is fundamental to protecting our democracy. That is why we cannot allow any of our schools to be defunded. So, get involved and help us secure enough affirmative votes in the May 18th election to pass the Post Falls School District No. 273 Supplemental Levy. You can volunteer to make phone calls, send texts, or speak to your friends and neighbors about the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign for the Post Falls Schools. For more information about the purpose and scope of the Supplemental Levy go to Supplemental Levy Renewal. To get involved in our GOTV effort, email us at

Vaccine Roll Out

GOTV could equally stand for Get Out the Vaccines. Thanks to the Biden Administration, the production, availability, and successful distribution of vaccines and vaccinations has dramatically accelerated. For example, in Idaho, 28% of the state population has received at least one dose and 17% are fully vaccinated. Consequently, starting on May 19, all the qualifying restrictions for receiving the vaccine will be lifted. That means that starting May 19, everyone will be eligible for vaccination. So, get online and pre-register for the vaccine. If we are going to turn the corner on this pandemic, it is critical that we all get vaccinated. The fact is that getting the protection of a vaccine is the only way to insure a safe and stable reopening of our economy. It is doubly important in a state where there is such resistance to commonsense protections like mask wearing and social distancing. Even now, we are in a race against another Covid 19 outbreak. So, listen to the President and keep practicing safety protocols even if you are vaccinated. As President Biden said: “We are not at the finish line. We have a lot of work to do.”

In Other News

There is still time to tell Governor Little to VETO SB1110, the heinous bill that would make it all but impossible to qualify a citizen initiative for the Idaho ballot. You can either add your name to the Reclaim Idaho’s SB 1110 Veto Petition or Send a Personal Message to Governor Little urging him to reject SB1110.

And while you’re at it, please urge the Governor to veto HB135 and SB1136 if these bills reach his desk. Both bills are foolish and dangerous. If enacted, each would undermine the Governor’s ability to respond to emergencies like COVID-19.

Last, be sure to share any news items that you think Dems might want to see? You can submit them to us for consideration here.

Have a wonderful week!

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