First Things First

I write this in advance of the planned Legislative Town Hall on Wednesday, March 31. I hope you all had a chance to attend. I know that the information shared by House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel and Senator David Nelson about the 2021 Legislative Session was insightful and informative. I am also certain that it was good to hear from our new IDP Chairman Fred Cornforth. Fred offers a high degree of optimism and stellar leadership credentials that are positive signs for Idaho Democrats.

Supplemental School Levy

Smart voters are uniting to support fully funding the public schools in the Post Falls School District. Regardless of party, most residents of Post Falls value the quality education offered by the Post Falls School District and want the best for its students. They understand that education is fundamental to democracy and that the programs and services funded by the supplemental levy benefit everyone, not just students with Democrats as parents.

You can help pass the Post Falls School District No.273 Supplemental Levy by joining our YES Campaign. Contact us about making phone calls or sending texts to likely voters. You can also help by informing your friends and neighbors about why they should support the levy. Encourage them to plan to VOTE YES on May 18. Whatever you do, get involved. We are cautiously optimistic that voters will reject the negative attacks on schools served up by our opponents. However, it all comes down to votes and we need to ensure that we have the numbers needed to win. Regardless of the outcome, this is likely to be a close election.

Voters Value Results

Evidence is building that many Republican lawmakers are losing touch with their voters. In his first news conference, President Biden was asked about reaching out for bipartisan support. The President said polling data confirms that many Republicans support his Covid-19 relief bill despite the united opposition from the GOP minorities in the US House and Senate. “I’ve not been able to unite the Congress, but I’ve been able to unite the country,” he said.

In Other News

There is still time to tell Governor Little to VETO SB 1110, the heinous bill that would make it all but impossible to qualify a citizen initiative for the Idaho ballot. So, add your name to the Reclaim Idaho’s SB 1110 Veto Petition and tell Governor Little to reject SB1110.

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