Elections 2018
Kootenai Democrats want you to know your candidates in 2018. Featured on this page are the candidates who responded to our candidate survey as well as those with campaign websites.  A link to the survey responses and websites are provided where available. We will continue to update this list periodically.

District 2 candidates

Dale Broadsword

District 2 Senate

Learn About Dale Broadsword

I am running for State Senate in District 2. I have been actively involved in my work-related unions for years as well as many groups in our community.

I have been endorsed as a candidate from North Idaho Central Labor Council; the Idaho AFL-CIO; the International Union of Painters Allied Trades, District Council #5; and Eastern Washington and North Idaho Building Trades Council in Spokane. I was also endorsed by my United Steelworkers Local 338, District 12 of the United Steelworkers, and United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1439

I have held several offices in my local union such as shift griever, shift safety representative, department griever, and department safety representative. I have also held the position of Vice-President of my local Steelworkers union, Idaho Labor & Education Chairman for my local union for last 18 years. I was also the Departmental and Local Wage & Inequity Chairmen. I am currently the Financial Secretary of my local union, and the Department Grievance person and also Vice-President of the North Idaho Central Labor Council, and District 3 board member of the Idaho state AFL-CIO.

I was born in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in 1952, the youngest of nine children. My father was 60 years old when I was born, and my mom was 43 years old. So as you can see I was raised on Social Security. I know about being in these programs and how much they need to be maintained. When my wife became sick during the lockout of our jobs at Kaiser Aluminum, she was hospitalized with no insurance. The cost was a little overwhelming for us at the time.

I had the good fortune to go through a parochial school system where classrooms were smaller, and I believe I received a better education for it. One of the areas that our state needs to fix is to make classes smaller so students would get a more thorough education.

I also was one of the first junior tackle coaches in Coeur d’Alene when it first started. After my daughter first started in Kootenai girls’ softball program, I was her coach for seven of the years she was in the program. I became the treasurer of the organization and raised its starting operating capital. After three years our cash balance went from about $500 to about $2000.

My wife and I were fair superintendents for forty years at the Kootenai County Fair with responsibility for the rabbits and chickens and were given 4-H Leader of the Year Award several years ago from the Kootenai County 4-H organization.

I was recently elected vice-chair for the Panhandle Village water system for a two-year term. I have been the Precinct 6 captain for the Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee for many years.

If you have questions for me about my experience or issue positions, please call me at 208-651-1123 or email me at broadsword4senate@aol.com.

Maria Andrews

District 2 House Seat a

Learn about Maria Andrews

Many people ask “What is your platform?” Honestly, my platform is reflective of my personal life. I have a selfless dedication to God, family and every person I meet. The only person who is not my friend is the person I have not met yet! I am passionate about service!

Idaho is a beautiful place to live. It offers many opportunities for individuals and families! However, when you look closer, there are many areas that need to be improved. It is not OK that our national educational ranking is on the bottom. It
is not OK that we have such an enormous amount of working poor people and families. It is not OK that there is such imbalance in our legislature. It is not OK that our law enforcement is struggling to recruit quality officers and have proper equipment because of lack of funding. It is not OK that so many Idahoans feel marginalized. It is not OK that our public lands are being threatened by private party land grabbers. It is not OK that thousands of Idahoans fall in the gap and are not able to afford health care.

Now is the time that we need to come together to grow and protect the beauty that is Idaho . . . rich in land . . . rich in opportunities . . . rich in people!

Check out my website: ww.facebook.com/andrewsforidaho

District 3 candidates

Dan Hanks

District 3 House Seat b

Learn About Dan Hanks
Why did you choose to run?
My name is Dan Hanks and I am running because Idaho’s children deserve better than 48th place. We are beginning a campaign that demands quality education for all of Idaho’s children. This is a campaign that needs your support to help ensure we don’t let establishment politicians lose sight of their constitutional responsibilities. I also am in this fight because conditions are getting worse for the working families of Idaho. While our economy is growing, the benefits of that economy are not reaching those who are working the hardest and longest. In our community, the current situation leads our neighbors to have to work across State lines to make ends meet. I believe that our working families deserve an opportunity to thrive and work in Idaho. I am running to support small businesses, our State Government should be fighting to ensure that small Idaho-based businesses thrive right here in our state. Our network of small business owners and entrepreneurs must be supported, and policies focused on bringing in powerful outside corporations must be challenged.
What are your core values?
Honesty, hard work, and empathy.
Who is your campaign manager? What is the best way to contact that person? 
Jesse Garcia – Info@votedanhanks.com
Who is your campaign treasurer? What is the best way to contact that person?
Chris Matthews – Info@votedanhanks.com
What is your candidate website?
What are your volunteer needs?
Social Media, Messaging, Door Knocking, Literature Distribution, Text Banking
What are your fundraising needs?
A regrettable aspect of politics is that it costs money, our campaign does not accept donations from large corporations or special interest groups. We depend on donations from individuals who want to make Idaho blue again! Our campaign is dedicated to building grassroots fundraising support network that will help us fund a campaign that voters can be proud of.

District 4 candidates

Cory Jane English


Learn about Cory English

I moved to Coeur d’Alene with my family in 1961 when I was a little girl. I have seen this community
grow and change, and I have met many wonderful Idahoans throughout these years. Some, like my
husband, are true natives, having been born right here. Others came later in life, or, as one of my
friends puts it, “I am not a native, but I got here as soon as I could.” People come for many reasons, but
we stay for similar reasons: we stay because we love the way of life in Idaho. ‘Way of life’ can mean
many things, but for me it is a combination of Idaho’s people, our communities, and our lands.
Here in District 4, we can see signs of population growth and economic expansion everywhere we look.
I value the newcomers into our community and the new ideas, innovations, and business opportunities
that they bring. But I also realize that many of our more ‘seasoned’ Idahoans are somewhat anxious
about all this growth. With our growth spurt, we are experiencing some growing pains! It is only natural
to wonder if all this growth will also bring changes to our ‘way of life.’
In Idaho, we as citizens look out for one another. We value our children and want to do right by them.
We love our lands, waters, and clean air and want to preserve and protect them. We want to freely use
our natural resources without using them up. Idahoans know the value of hard work. We respect one
another, and value the dignity of each person. We value our freedom, but also respect our place in
community with one another. In Coeur d’Alene, we welcome the positive changes that have come with
growth, like the Kroc center and McEuen Park.
The tension between growth and preservation of our quality of life has motivated me to run for office
this year. It will take good understanding of the community and a balanced approach to get this right.
My feeling is that those who represent us need to seek out and hear ALL voices in the community.
Policy should be an extension of who we are as citizens. The first consideration in policy making should
be how it affects our people and makes their lives better.
I feel that our current representation is out of step with many of our citizens. Most of us really DO
value public schools; THIS is our ‘school choice.’ Many of us are feeling a financial pinch and would
appreciate the wage bump that would come with an increase in the minimum wage rather than a tax cut
that always seems to go to someone else. We know that value costs, and it takes money to get things
done. It isn’t the payment of our taxes that irks us; it is our taxes foolishly spent. When we talk about
healthcare access we mean that being poor shouldn’t be a barrier to being well. We know that there is
NO ‘choice’ in healthcare if we can’t afford it. When we talk about protecting our public lands we mean
keep them the way they are: same quality, same quantity. Most of us care little for political party
loyalty and a lot about our own family and neighbors. And we want to be treated with respect.
Anyway, those are the things I believe, and what I hear from the people I talk to. These are the priorities
I will bring to Boise, and how I will weigh issues when making policy decisions. If this approach seems
right to you, I am asking for your vote, for Cory Jane English, Idaho State Senate, on November 6, 2018.

Rebecca Schroeder District 4 House seat a

Learn About Rebecca Schroeder

Why did you decide to run? 

In 2007, my son Brady was born and diagnosed with a rare disease called cystic fibrosis. His extraordinary medical needs led me to become deeply involved in political advocacy for children with rare diseases for the non-profit Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The experience of interacting with our lawmakers in Washington D.C. and Boise convinced me that our current leadership is not motivated by the needs of regular Idahoans, and has compelled me to step-up and run for office. The lack of transparency and complete absence of ethical oversight in our Idaho Statehouse is dangerous for Idaho’s people. I’m committed to bring more citizen voices to the Legislature.

What are your core values?
No one should have to choose between paying the rent or going to the doctor. I support affordable healthcare coverage for all. The Medicaid Expansion initiative could cover the 78K Idahoans in the coverage gap, and that is one solution that I’m actively working to put on the November ballot for voters to decide for themselves. I believe that hard working individuals should be able to make ends meet with a livable wage. We must finally address the struggle of Idaho’s workforce. Idaho invests embarrassingly little in the students and teachers in this state, and we are falling behind. Idaho ranks 48th in the nation in sending kids on to higher education, and fails to support educators in crucial ways. It is time to show that we value Idaho’s children and Educators.
Who is your campaign manager? What is the best way to contact that person? *
Shawn Keenan
Who is your campaign treasurer? What is the best way to contact that person?
Kenna Smoot
What is your candidate website?
What are your volunteer needs?
We are looking to build an army of volunteers in various subcommittees to win this election. Join the team, and put your passion to work for Idaho!
What are your fundraising needs?
Our goal is to raise $100K for this campaign.

Shem Hanks

District 4 house seat B

Learn About Shem Hanks
What are your core values?
I value honesty, integrity, hard work and social justice.
Who is your campaign manager? What is the best way to contact that person? 
Kristin Ludwig: kristinludwig@me.com
Who is your campaign treasurer? What is the best way to contact that person?
What is your candidate website?
What are your volunteer needs?
This campaign is looking for volunteers who are willing to share social media posts, willing to phone bank, willing to have house parties and are willing to knock on the doors of their neighbors and have those important conversations.
What are your fundraising needs?
I will accept what money that you are willing to give and put it to good use.

Kootenai County Candidates

Ruben Miranda

County Commissioner

Learn About Ruben Miranda
Why did you choose to run?
I do not feel the county is moving in the correct direction. The board of Commissioners must be more diverse, in order to serve the county.
What are your core values?
Common sense laws and codes that reflect the needs of people over the needs of ideologies.
Who is your campaign manager? What is the best way to contact that person? 
Suzanne Marshall: suzannemarshall13@gmail.com
Who is your campaign treasurer? What is the best way to contact that person?
What is your candidate website?
What are your volunteer needs?
Any form of help can be utilized.
What are your fundraising needs?
Any contribution is welcome

State Candidates

Paulette Jordan


Learn About Paulette Jordan

Why did you decide to run? 

My late grandfather, a veteran and lifelong Idahoan, believed in the power of fair, effective, and compassionate leadership to create real change in our state. When I decided to run for governor, I thought of the ways he influenced the people in our community: he led by listening, teaching, and driving others to success. I have not seen Idaho’s leaders work toward our success; instead, they push regressive policies that hurt the people they represent. I see so many of our communities being overlooked and undervalued: working families, women, veterans, LGBTQ folks, people of color, people with disabilities.

I see true potential for progress in Idaho. I know that we Idahoans value the strength of our communities and the vitality of our land. I know that we’re fiercely independent. We find power and dignity in our self-reliance, but we also believe that compassion and fairness are the essential principles of being a good neighbor. In the wisdom of my grandfather, I’m running for governor to represent all of Idaho. I know that together we have the drive and the spirit to build a better state – one in which we all prosper.

What are your core values?
I believe in an Idaho where every child receives a high-quality public school education. I will work to ensure that all Idaho families have access to affordable healthcare and the opportunity to earn a livable wage. I want to revitalize Idaho’s main streets, the backbone of our state economy, by investing in innovation and expanding opportunity in rural towns. I will safeguard our public lands by ensuring public access, prioritizing conservation efforts, and combating climate change.
Who is your campaign manager? What is the best way to contact that person? *
Colleen Kerr, colleen@jordanforgovernor.com
Who is your campaign treasurer? What is the best way to contact that person?
Emily Mowrer, emowrer@jordanforgovernor.com
What is your candidate website?
What are your volunteer needs?
Our biggest need is contacting voters across the state, so we would love volunteers who are willing to phone bank, to go door to door, or reach out to their networks using our tools.
What are your fundraising needs?

Kristin Collum

LT Governor

Learn About Kristin Cullum

Why did you decide to run? 

I chose to run for Lieutenant Governor to give Idaho a Democratic choice who will be a voice for all Idahoans – especially women, our children, and minorities who are unheard and under-represented today. As an Army veteran, a mother, and a tech sector leader, I have the skills, experience, and compassion to be Idaho’s next Lieutenant Governor.

What are your core values?
Working hard, integrity, and helping others – these are the values my father lived by and instilled in me.
Who is your campaign manager? What is the best way to contact that person? *
Tammy Elliott, tammy.elliott@collum4idaho.org
Who is your campaign treasurer? What is the best way to contact that person?
Donna Pence, donnapence25@msn.com
What is your candidate website?
What are your volunteer needs?
Need North ID regional volunteer lead, plus volunteer leads for CdA, Sandpoint, Hayden, and Post Falls through Nov 6.
What are your fundraising needs?
In a word – GREAT.

Jill Humble

Secretary of State

Learn About Jill Humble

Why did you decide to run? 

I chose to run for the Secretary of State because I see a need for change and I can be a strong change agent for Idaho. I am a registered nurse, educator, and manager; those skills will serve Idahoans well. I am not a politician; my DNA is to serve others by making Secretary’s office easier to utilize, safeguarding voting, protect water quality, and promote equality & prosperity for Idaho women. I ran for Governor in 2014, with the same goals…. make Idaho better for all. My promise is to improve the core performance responsibilities, systems, and processes have served my colleagues and employers well and I will do the same for Idahoans in the Secretary of State office.

What are your core values?
I value:
– Serving God, family, and human life
– Dignity and worth of people
– Not focusing my beliefs and values on others, but have unconditional positive regard for all
– Working in an environment that places people second only to God.
Who is your campaign manager? What is the best way to contact that person? *
Seeking a campaign manager
Who is your campaign treasurer? What is the best way to contact that person?
Ali Earle, alibearle@yahoo.com
What is your candidate website?
What are your volunteer needs?
Seeking volunteers: door knocking, distribute campaign materials, phone banks. Computer expertise needed.
What are your fundraising needs?
Donations needed and appreciated.

Cindy Wilson

Superintendent of Public Instruction

US Congressional Candidates

Cristina Mcneil

US COngress-ID d1

Learn About Cristina McNeil

Why did you decide to run? 

I’ve been a community organizer for over 10 years in Idaho and 15 years as a Realtor, traveling all over Congregational District No.1 for years. I’ve seen the reality of difficulties that Idahoans face daily. I believe that the only way I can serve them is by bringing their voice to Congress and set solutions to provide the necessary resources for our families. The following topics Education, Healthcare, Labor, Immigration, Infrastructure, will be at the top of my agenda.

What are your core values?
Family values are important to me. They are the foundation of any society, how can we protect them from dysfuctionality? How can we function without honesty, transparency, respect, humility, willingness? When we merge our worlds and utilize it for the well being of our communities then we become a healthy society and we offer equal opportunities to others. We bring credibility and open communication, which will allow us to plan and execute a healthy mechanism for a better society. We can bring sustainability when there is a balance, when our beliefs don’t interfere with the rights of others. I base my core values on integrity, the one that I learned from my parents, I humble my efforts to give and to help from the humility that I was raised with. I am fighter for justice.
Who is your campaign manager? What is the best way to contact that person? *
George Cuenca, (562) 338 7126
Who is your campaign treasurer? What is the best way to contact that person?
Maythe Alvarado (208) 821 7829
What is your candidate website?
What are your volunteer needs?
What are your fundraising needs?
Necessary tools to promote funds.